Jack the builder

  • Workout Date - 07/25/2015
  • Q In Charge - Gambit
  • The PAX - Buckeye, foodstamps, forest, toothless, porky, cubby, riot gear, blaze, Vick, Simpson, Myrtle, gambit (QIC)
  • AO -

12 men decided pushing back the #fartsack covers and venturing into one of the “cooler” mornings of the past month was better than sleeping in. YHC woke up a little early with plans of venturing to the AO and setting up the torture before the PAX arrived, but by the time I made it there I had 5 minutes to spare. At the Wednesday workout we challenged the other PAX to step up and lead, but no one decided this was their time.  On a side note, T-claps once again to gat obtain for his VQ on wed.  We need more to step up to lead like that. (More in that later).

As as I rolled into the AO trying to suck down a few sip of pre boot camp coffee, I notice only one PAX waiting to make their #downpainment. I thought my warning on wed of bringing the hurt if no one decided to step up backfired and kept PAX away, but then I thought…if that’s the case, they are prob better off #fartsacking anyway. Little did I know everyone decided to set their alarm clock for the exact time it takes to make it to the AO on time (except forest and Vick who were 2 min late) Stop hitting the snooze button!

Here’s the THANG

We circled around the flag with 10 and YHC thought…we always start with SSH…  Let’s do something a little different…

Mosey…(lots of mumble chatter) amazing how men get into a routine and breaking that causes chaos… To the dock on the water by ther church

SSH x 20 IC, 5 burpees OYO,  windmills x 15, 4 burpees OYO, (sunrise on the water it remarkable, come to Bluffton to appreciate it) TTT x 15, 3 burpees OYO, arm circles forward and reverse x 10 ea., 2 burpees OYO, partner deep squats x  15 (wait…here comes forest and Vick) 1 burpee OYO

Move up the dock to the base of “the only hill in Bluffton”

Jailbreak up the hill…5 merkins then return to the bottom. Repeat x 5 with monkey humpers, planks, air squats, diamond merkins at the bottom until the 6 finish

Find a spot on the brick wall beside the church for 11’s

starting with incline merkins on the wall x 10 then 1 dip, 9 merkins and 2 dips,  8 merkins and 3 dips…1 merkin 10 dips

Mosey back to the park with a jailbreak from the stop sign to the palm tree

grab a block from the back of YHC’s truck (you would think that the PAX would know by now that if the truck is back into a parking spot….the blocks are coming out)  circle up around the flag for jack web?? No… jack the builder

Thanks to Longbottom from swamprabbit, I thought this would be a good variation to the regular Jack Web. I soon apologized to the PAX for the suck that ensued. 1 block merkin to 4 over head presses with the block, 2 block merkins to 8 block curls…continue to 10 with every odd merkin paired with overhead presses and all even merkins paired with block curls  (9 merkin to 36 presses, 10 merkin to 40 curls)

H2O….  At this point YHC thought we should be about done, but with 20 min still remaining and YHC already gassed, I needed all 11 other PAX to push me through

time for the evil cousin… Lt. Dan (with blocks)

1 squat with block to 4 lunges without . Work up to 5 and then back down

still time….

line up on the sidewalk. Bear crawl to the tree, mosey to the opposite side of the park for 20 mountain climbers. Crab walk to the tree, mosey to the opposite side for 10 in/out. 10 inch worms

3 man makers before putting the blocks in their new home

3.5 MOM

LBC x 20, right oblique x 10, left oblique x 10, back scratchers x 20, chilcuts x 30 sec…


countorama, namorama, COT

Prayers for Longbottom’s dad, riot gears church friend, Gambit’s scans on Tues.,  Vick’s friend in ATL who’s daughter is missing, all unspoken requests…


Bring a friend!, Step up to Q, Buy a shirt, think about a team for the mud run in Oct., Vick is doing a rugged maniac in ATL in Aug, talk to him if interested, Ruck challenge in Sav in Oct, talk to Forest if interested


Not a lot of planning went into today’s Q. Usually YHC takes a couple days to plan out a workout to inflict as much pain as possible, not because I want to hurt people, but because I like to push myself to do things I would never do on my own. I need the other PAX to keep me from giving up and quitting. It’s what keeps me going. Today was partly on the fly and some of a workout that Longbottom brought to the greenville PAX. After today, I’m not reading anymore of his posts…

this one was hard for me. I was gassed with 20 min left and came close to spilling the Merlot a couple times. Great push by those that were there. I did notice a few laying around on the grass a little longer after we were done than usual.

As always, it was a pleasure to lead and follow my fellow brothers today!

Gambit out (drops mic)



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