Jack O'Pain

  • Workout Date - 03/27/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
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13 Faithful planted the #shovelflags at The Tank Yard for a Halloween beatdown, courtesy of YHC and his good buddy Jack. We’re gonna go ahead and throw #smoker and #crowdpleaser here in now for the whole post, as the #mumblechatter came early and often in this little spook-fest.


SSH x 20

IW x 20

The Thang

Here’s how it worked: YHC brought trick-or-treat bucket (aka Jack, aka Jack O’Pain) filled with various exercises, circuits, beatdowns, etc on little slips of paper. A member of the PAX would pull a slip out, and that’d be the next exercise. It got interesting very early…

6MOM #curveball (PAX picked each exercise and Q counted out)

Flutters x 31

LBCs x 31

Leg throws x 31 (audible to 20 reps. #dangitSnowden)

Freddie Mercury x 31

Back to the Thang

20 Burpess OYO

Star Drill

Mosey to the Tennis Courts and pair up. 1 PAX runs while the other performs an exercise AMRAP. Flapjack until everybody’s runs 3x and done all three of:

Russian Twists



Mosey around the courts till everybody’s done

Circle of Pain

Push-o-rama: Merkins x 15, Werkins x 15, Diamond Merkins x 15 all SLOW single count


Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot: Burpees x 10, Squats x 20, Merkins x 30, LBCs x 40, Walking Lunges x 50. Sprint (or hobble as in the case of YHC) to the speed hump and back

Plank till everybody’s done

Four Corners

Mosey to the baseball field and hit the base paths: Burpees, In/Outs, Squats x 5 at each base/home plate, sprinting in between to each

Extra time around w/ squats for the PAX who lapped the field #tclaps

Joe Hendrix

Back to the #shoveflags to finish up. (Made it to 5 Merkins/20 Presses before the clock ran out)


  • Killer effort from the PAX, especially with the random format. #tclaps
  • Jack had himself some colorful names by mid-way through the workout, based on the #mumblechatter. (Jack Off was YHC’s favorite)
  • YHC needs to focus on upper body and core, and we think that might just have come through in the workout.
  • USMC MudRun sign ups are going live soon. Pledge has the Q for getting things organized.
  • MOAB workout details for next week coming soon. We are told EC has the Q.
  • Praise for SnipIT’s house selling in 6 days!!! #gottabearecord
  • YHC is running the Tough Mudder this Saturday. Start time 1130. Thoughts and prayers are welcome so our team makes it through with all our limbs.
  • Wonderful words from @Snowden in BOM to send us out right for the rest of the day.

Happy Halloween, brothers. Next workout is Tuesday, 11/5. Papparazzki has the Q.


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