Jack-o-lope ish at #TheStation

  • Workout Date - 04/26/2016
  • Q In Charge - BLUE HAWAII
  • The PAX - Grr ,No bars, Hacksaw, Toto, (FNG-Dory from Charlotte), Perry, Footloose , Erector, Iceman, Shep, Wrench, Almond joy, Bob Barker ,Mr head, NSA
  • AO -

16 men including 1 FNG-DORY resisted the engulfing #fartsack and got better with YHC this grand morning! Pax got in 2 miles at bootcamp!

-SSHx20 IC
-IWx15 IC
#lotsofchatter #kotters #wearegonnaruntoday

The Thang

Yhc lined the Pax up into a 2x applesauce and took a tour of Greer. The Pax stopped at several intersections and did VARIOUS exercises but mostly burpees and big boy situps.
Once we made our way to the GREENMILE the pax did minute wallsits broken up with burpees, fludders, and big boy situps. 3-4 rounds total with the last round consisting of a wall sit off! No Bars and Shep shut the competition down 3min and counting. (GETSOMEBLUFFTON) YHC instructed them that we needed to keep it moving and they win the #VT today. Great effort men! The pax made there way back up to Highway 14 but a quick detour to the church for some manmakers and curls. We needed to mix it up a bit. #perry #iceman #grr demanded variety….

-See a trend here..

-Shep is getting a lot faster and stronger! Reminds me of blades running very violent cadence. keep up the good work!
-No bars smiled a few times today. He thought yhc’s workout was cute.
-Iceman is growing something weird on his face. #auditmaster #googledoc-king #yessirsir #buyabic
-Footloose seems to have got his groove back…You see what I did there??
-Alfred fartsacked. He’s still listening to trail runner nation and dreaming of one day becoming an ultra runner.
-Grr is looking slim these days. Still got a watermelon though.
-Yall are wrong for naming that boy toto.
-Almond joy needs a pager.
-NSA is color blind.
-Hacksaw please get Dory’s info and send to Alfred so YHC doesnt have to get a lecture.
-hey look squirel

F3 Dads event coming up. Monthly. Contact Footloose or Ice for details
F3 Swamprabbit CSAUP coming up. Check with Spongebob for details
I dont remember anything else….CHECK TWITTER PEOPLE

Prayers and Praises

Praise for Erector and his family!
Pray for Almond Joy and his wife as they expect a baby soon
Pray for all of our brothers who have not been out lately.
Pray for Nailpop’s family and their continued healing.
Pray for anyone suffering from addicition,anxiety, or depresion.

As always its an abosolute pleasure to lead such awesome men and ice! Thank you for the prayers and thoughts as I have taken on this new career. Nothing like being in the gloom with my brothers. Until next quarter….Grr 🙂

Blue Hawaii out!

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