Jack & Dan (or Webb & Taylor)

  • Workout Date - 05/19/2014
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Bartman, Snowden, Sponge Bob, Pumpkin (again going original), Tesh, Earthmover, Slim, Alfred, Radar, Billy Jean, Thibodaux, Double Ought (00), Rooney, Epee, Erector, Holla, Golden Sombrero, TBC, Domer Simpson, Longbottom
  • AO -

20 faithful crawled out of the fartsack for a “get moving Monday” at the ‘burbs’. It was a brisk spring morning, and YHC needed to dig out the long sleeves from the bottom of the closet to prepare for the planned beat down! Word of warning; watch out for Erector, he literally came in on two wheels this morning to make the warm up.

SSH x 25 (IC)
IW x 20 (IC)
Mosey around MRPC

The Burbian Thang

Jack Webb to 10 (1 Merking : 4 arm raises … 10 Merkins : 40 arm raises)
Mosey around MRPC

Lt. Dan to 6 (1 squat : 4 standing lunges … 6 squats : 24 standing lunges)
Mosey around MRPC (now you understand the name)

When you experience a good exercise or a good exercise pairing, I say go with it. The creative exercise guru (Pumpkin) did this combo last Monday and YHC lacked the motivation or inspiration to improve upon his genius (or insanity). I believe this combo will revisited many times at ‘The Burbs’! Next time we should do 10 and 10!

11’s (Derkins & Dips)
Mosey around the MRPC (push the pace boys)

Burpee Escalator (next time we need to come back down)
10 burpees OYO run to corner 1 of MRPC
20 Merkins OYO run to corner 2 of MRPC
30 Donkey kicks (IC SC) run to where we started MRPC
40 jump squats (IC SC)
arm ban buzzed during Merkins YHC though in was time for Mary. But Wait Pumpkin says we still have 15!

Run around MRPC to play ground
2 pain stations
10 x pull-ups
15 x box jumps
rinse and repeat
meet back at start

Run around MRPC one last time

6MOM (Alfred Q’s)
Plank exercises for 1 min
Flutters IC to 20
Russian Twists IC to 20
Crunch touches to 10 IC (left knee then rt knee) (from 1D’s ab slicer)
Hold 6 inches for 1 min.

Great job on Mary Alfred, time for a full Q at the Burbs
YHC needed to put in contacts, glasses were completely covered in sweat by the end. Could not see a thing!
Mumble chatter was plentiful this morning, but when Snowden is around how could in not be!
Pumpkin kept YHC honest on time this morning, need all 45 to get the week started off right.
Where was Posh? Must be saving up for the beat down he has planned for the main thing tomorrow.

Prayers and praises for Bartman as he starts prayer circle at work. He got responses from all he contacted, go brother!
Prayers for Erector and family as he continues job search
Prayers for the friends and family of the man hit by a car working out in the northeast. (CLT pax are doing a fund raiser, contact slim for more details)
Prayers for all of our brothers who have not post in a while, we need to EH them again!
Praise (and prayers) for YHC as we are expecting 2.3, failed to mention that the due date is Christmas!
Prayer for 1D, his operation is tomorrow. Let us know what we can do to help out!
Lots of new AO’s are in the works; Powdersville, Anderson, Greer, and Asheville.
It was mentioned that we may need to consider an AO in Travelers Rest (need to secure the other end of the swamprabbit). I have talked to several prospects in TR and have been reluctant to post since the MT is the closest (terrible excuse in by opinion).
Prayers to all those unspoken concerns.

Always a pleasure gentlemen! Next Q will be Friday at COH. Time trial day for the eastside boys!

See you in gloom!
LB out

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