It's the final countdown!

  • Workout Date - 06/07/2014
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Holla, Chai cream frappucino, Satisfry, Tickler, Earthmover, AV, FNG - Al Boreland (Shannon Graham), Bib, Bib D, Jwow, Little blue pill, Sigma, Padre, Gluten, Posh, Longbottom, Ponsi, Nature Boy, Alfred, Johnny-5, Grease Trap, FNG - Franklin Einstein (Stephen Gooding) , Sherpa, San Diago, Phil Dunphey
  • AO -

29.5 men removed themselves from the fartsack to help YHC celebrate his last weekend of being single.  While it was not your typical bachelor party (no fireball, no Vegas)…but there were a bunch of sweaty guys doing air-humpers so what more could you ask for?


SSH x 21
IW x 21
HKJ x 21
Air Humpers x 21

The Thang:

Mosey down to the bottom of the long hill facing up towards the sand volleyball court

Beast (7-7-7 since only 7 days left before the big day)
Run to the first tree perform 7 Merkins
Run to the second tree perform 7 In-n-outs
Run to the third tree perform 7 Squat Jumps
Mosey to the bottom and plank till all are done
Repeato x 14 – at Pumpkin’s Request
Repeato x 21 – to keep Pumpkin happy

Mosey to the bottom of 1D’s Hill

Dora 1-2-3
Partner up – one partner runs, the other exercises
100 x Lunges
200 x LBSJ’s (little baby squat jumps) #crowdpleaser
300 x Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the grass beside the YMCA building.  At this point, Nature Boy gave me some fantastic wedding advice.  Much appreciated and much needed.

Jack Webb’s
1 x merkin: 4 arm presses
2 x merkin: 8 arm presses
Yadda yadda yadda
7 x merkin:  28 arm presses

Dan Taylor’s
1 x Squat JUMPS (thanks Pumpkin):  4 Lunges
2 x Squat Jumps:  8 Lunges
yadda yadda yadda
10 Burpees OYO

People’s Chair set
30 Second People’s Chair
5 x Diamond Merkins
3 times through
45 Second People’s Chair
5 x Diamond Merkins
2 times through
1 minute People’s Chair
5 x Diamon Merkins

Perform 10 In-n-out abs at each stop and at each start along the way
1 time through

Mosey back to the flag

LBCs x 35
Russian Twists x 21
Back Scratchers x 14
Air Humpers x 14

Naked Moleskin

It’s amazing to see the growth that we are going through and it’s only the beginning of the summer. I think it’s a testimony to how much we all need the 3 F’s.  Keep with it no matter how tough it seems.  You will get stronger in Mind, Body and Spirit.  Pray in general for our growth as an organization and we make some big difference in people’s lives and the community.

-Thanks to all the Pax for the great advice as I take the plunge.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you guys around and welcome all of your prayers for a great event and even better marriage
– Johnny-5 and Pumpkin are doing Battlefrogs (Obstacle Mud run 15K – on 7/21 at Carolina Adventure World).  If interested in joining there is an F3 discount – Pumpkin’s team is “Silly Wabbits”
– Praise for Ponsi’s Colleague’s Dad (Brian James) who had 6-bypass surgery and looks to be doing well.  Possible 3rd F opportunity to stem from this.
– Prayer/Praise:  Gluten brought up about Powdersville’s Launch and praised the success of EH’s so far but wants prayers for further growth.  I think this is easily applicable to all launches we have going on within the region and within F3 Nation in general
– Greer Launch is on the way.  AO is looking like Greer City Park.  More information to follow
– Prayers for Erector.  Surgery was successful.  More results this week
– Prayers for the GORUCK guys!  A lot of amazing work has been put in and we hope for nothing but success.  Information to be provided on Welcome party start information.

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