Its Take Your Kid to WORK…out Day!

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  • Workout Date - 01/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - Epee
  • The PAX - Pacer, Uncle Remus, Spider (2.0), Gypsy (2.0), Mini-me (2.0), Seal, Dragonfly (2.0), Data, Hot Tamale (2.0), Jalapeno (2.0), Third Base, Epee
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It was just a few days ago when we realized today was a holiday.  I mean we all knew today was a holiday, but I, for one, didn’t comprehend what that entailed.  Just like with any AO, we have to plan for holidays.  This time we decided to invite the 2.0s and we had a blast!


Warm Up


SSH x10

Fairy Jack 15 OYO

Don Quixote x10

Burpees 5 OYO

LBC x10

Merkin x5

Mosey up and down the rock steps twice


The Thang


At bottom of the grassy hill split Dads and 2.0s

While 2.0s go to the top of the hill, Dads complete exercise, then switch.

1st Round:

kids run – Dads merkins –  Switch

Dads backwards run – kids merkins

2nd Round:

Kids bear crawl- Dads LBC  – Switch

Dads bear crawl – Kids LBC

3rd Round:

Kids backward run – Dads Squats

Dads backward run up, crab walk down – Kids Squats


Zoo of Pain

Going back and forth across the grass

Duck Walk

Bunny Hop

Bear Crawl

Frog Jump

Crab Walk

Gorilla Walk


Sharks and Minnows

2.0s run while Dads can only Bear Crawl

Start with one shark.  Shark tags minnow- minnow becomes another shark. Minnows continue going back and forth across the “pond” until all minnows are caught.

Last minnow to be caught becomes the first shark in next round


Cakalacky railroad – everyone line up one arm apart.  Then down and hold low plank while last Pax bunny hops over everyone’s legs.  When at the end get down and hold low plank.  Continues to the next in line until all have hopped.


Tunnel of Love  – Similar to Cakalacky Railroad but hold high plank and instead hoping over the pax must low crawl under.




BrewRuck 006 next weekend Jan 23 Noon @ McPherson Park – Bring a ruck full of canned goods. For more info and to sign up



Seal – getting shoulder surgery in a couple of weeks.


Quickie – 2.0 in hospital for past 10 days with bacterial meningitis.  He needs our prayers and support!  Be on the lookout for more ways to help!


Mini-Me’s uncle Kevin is still undergoing testing for cancer.

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