It's not raining that hard

  • Workout Date - 12/22/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Grrrr, Erector, Wally, iTunes, Biofreeze, 00
  • AO -

On Monday night at 7:05 p.m., Blue Hawaii sent me a direct message asking me to Q the station as a mystery Q. Honestly, I had thought about sacking because of the forecast. Nevertheless, I never turn down an opportunity to have someone “feel” a very foolish decision.

The weather was wet. I drove slowly from my home. I pulled into the station at 5:29 and 29 seconds. We went to the shelter and warmed up with Imperial walkers and mountain climbers. Then the 0.0 was on.

We lined up like an Indian run except there was no running. The person at the end of the line Burpee broad jumps to the Front while the rest of the PAX do an alternating two point plank. We went around the playground. The second side was slow Russian twists. Third side – Makthar N’Diayes, Fourth Side – Superman/banana. All the while someone burpee broad jumps.

After finishing the fourth side of the playground, we went back under the shelter for the single leg split squat. Blue apparently is missing several bones from his inner ear. I have never seen a person with two legs struggle so much with balance as he did. The exercise literally was having one leg on a bench behind you and and squatting on the other leg. It’s that simple. Bend at the knee. Drop the hips. The rest of the PAX seemed to have no trouble with this. We did these on a slow up\down cadence, except for Blue, who appeared as if he were failing a sobriety test.

After a 10 slow rep count on each leg, we went back to the playground. We went around the playground again. First side is my current favorite exercise, the spideywalk. Second side was merkinwalk. Once you reach the corner opposite the start, you reverse lunge walk back to the shelter for more single leg split squats, which by now I have named the “Blue’s kryptonite,” except for the fact that he in no way resembled Superman. After several more up downs, we went back to the playground for some slow pull ups. The only thing that kept this from being a 0.0 was the run around the circle – team Dora. As one person ran, the rest of us did varying Ab/core exercises including the Freddie Mercury, 2 point blank, elbow plank, etc. At some point we did crab rolls in cadence as well as the eight count slow rep merkin (8 count down 8 count hold 8 count up). As always, there are other exercises that I do not remember.


Blue is one of my favorite people, as he generally takes it well and deserves it.

The Station guys are awesome. Proud of those guys for showing up even under threat of rain.

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