It's Never Too Early

  • Workout Date - 02/27/2013
  • Q In Charge - Spurrier
  • The PAX - Wifi, Debit, Ice Man, One Direction, Nippler, Barbara, Spurrier, Jenner, Forrest (FNG Dave Weinberg), Barbie (FNG Clay Walters - son of Barbara)
  • AO -

Yes sir – it is never too early to get your SmokeBoots on……10 of the Faithful posted under a full moon (well, almost) and Old Glory at the BiLo Center.

SSH 31x
Merkins 12x
Imperial Walkers 22x
Mountain Climber 12x
Mosey (with a little weave) to the House of Pain (our infamous parking deck)
11’s with decreasing squats at the top of the ramp
Hill Repeats 5x (increasing burpees at bottom, halfway and top of the ramp)
Q’s note: things got messy here…including the Q
6MOM (Q’d by Nippler, who counted so fast it was actually 3MOM)
Mosey to Main Street
Planks and Side-Planks
Merkins 10x
Mosey back to parking deck

Good conversation about men encouraging one another as fathers and husbands – we aren’t meant to go it alone.

T-Claps to Nippler, One Direction and FNG Weinberg for finishing the hill repeats strong, and IceMan for the intense effort.

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