• Workout Date - 05/02/2017
  • Q In Charge - RoadTrip
  • The PAX - Pine Tar, Hanna Montana, Church Lady, Mint Julip, Commodore, Gymboree, Lite Brite, NYOPT, The Muff, Washer, Easy Bake, Benign, Bambi, ATM, Elsa, Dr. Phil, Sammy, RoadTrip (YHC)
  • AO -

Lite Brite, Mint Julip, RoadTrip – 3 mile pre-ruck

CONDITIONS: brisk 55 degrees, star canopy and a pillowy white rainbow unicorn

So who is late to their own birthday Q? That’s right this guy right here #facepalm…but it’s my party and I’ll be late if I want to…In my defense, Lite Brite lost track of time while hazing Mint Julip and I during an early morning pre-ruck through Spaulding Farm. The last quarter mile was a ruck sprint (slow jog to the un-rucked) to make up time only to find Bambi incircled by a bunch of mumble chatting PAX. Apparently, they thought I fartsacked my own birthday Q………let me take my time to get this ruck off my back, it is my birthday after all.


WARM UP: Seriously, I have no idea, I just got here, but I’ll take it from here. Fresh out of breath from a quarter mile ruck sprint, I was gifted a 50 burpee penalty for being late. Seriously? Yes, I’m serious. Well, happy freakin’ birthday RT. The PAX stand together and the PAX fall together but no without some audible displeasure…but they willfully completed the burpee penalty with me and hopefully learned a lesson in time management.

AUDIBLE. The wienke included burpees, but between yesterday and the last five minutes…change of plan, yea you’re welcome.

Line up for Big Boy 11’s.
Perform 10 BBSU on one end. Back pedal to the other side of the parking lot for 1 BBSU.
Continue until reps are flip-flopped. That’s 110 sit ups

Mosey to the Basketball Court
Line up on one side for 20 squats, followed by 10 runs back n forth across the court. Reduce squat reps by two each time, followed by 10 reps back n forth. Plank (with some arm raises) until all complete. That’s 110 squats

Line up for Unicorn Run. Front PAX passes the unicorn back. Caboose takes unicorn to the front. Repeat until all PAX get quality time with the unicorn. In essence of time, modified to last three PAX bring the unicorn to the front, meaning two PAX were left unicornless, but at least they were chasing rainbows. Extra credit for making unicorn noises. I didn’t know they made that kind of noises #weird #confusedfaceemoji

A few laps around the track and head back to the flags and somehow we logged 2.5 miles this morning.

On your 6 for 44 LBC’s

That’s all I got, you’re welcome.

May 20 – Mud Run
Short Barrel scheduled to post on Saturday for mall walking without the mall.

Mint Julip’s family on the 25 anniversary of his dad passing
Landon Cash – 8 year old boy admitted to hospital with flu like symptom
Karen Latin – Church Lady’s friend diagnosed with blood cancer
Andrew Brunson – imprisoned missionary in Turkey

My Birthday Q Evite featured the most beautiful rainbow unicorn you have ever seen. ACA commemorated the occasion by presenting me with the rainbow unicorn coupon yesterday at #TOT.

ATM took us out in prayer. It was a pleasure to lead. Until next time, SYITG and “when my friends told me I was delusional, I just about fell off my unicorn.”

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