Its a #RedPill kind of morning

  • Workout Date - 05/25/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hook & Ladder
  • The PAX - Quickie, Steamer, Gluten, Doolittle, T-bag. Shiner, H&L
  • AO -

Respect all around for the 7 PAX that made it to the keg and decided to swallow the #RedPill to make themselves better beings.  It was a comfortable 60 degrees but we soon turned up the heat and everyone had some slight perspiration emanating from their He-Man like bodies. With a short warmup of SSH we were off to the picnic shelter for some conditioning of opposing muscles in the arms followed by gluteus maximus and quadriceps work.  This was accomplished with two rounds of 11’s (dips/derkins then squats/lunges). A little Makhtar N’Diayes to spike the lactic acid in the upper body and we were done with the shelter.  The PAX  went to the block pile to gather a buddy and YHC went to his truck to fetch something special and we all regrouped by the flag.  YHC brought out a literal #RedPill in the form of a small red sandbag for everyone’s enjoyment as we performed a sandbag relay.  One member would carry the pill across the parking lot and back while the rest performed an exercise given by the runner. It was stated that the “pill” was only 10 lbs but that was just a mental ploy by yours truly to keep the grumbling down.  The truth got out as soon as YHC handed the “baton” to the next member and that 10 lbs felt more like 50.  We got in two rounds for each participant with exercises ranging from SSH to block curls and everything in between.  Thinking that we were done the PAX stashed their blocks only to realize that we had 5 minutes left and their leader wanted to run a bit.  We moseyed to the back forty behind the church and then up the slightly steep hill to the parking lot and back to the flag for our FINISH.

If you missed out today, you will ge the chance to take the #RedPill in the future, I have more ideas for it.  Oh and did I mention the #Merlot that was split?  To save the innocent I wont name any names, but will bask in the glory of being responsible for it.


We remembered 7 fallen soldiers by name instead of the normal name-o-rama

Gluten’s daughter – due any day now with first grandson

Quickie’s upcoming stair climb in Columbia

We discussed how Proverbs 20:30 goes along with taking the #RedPill and being disciplined to take the hard road and make something of ourselves

YHC is getting an order together for F3 gear to anyone in the general area that wants in to save on shipping

Everyone stay safe and Thank you all who are serving and have served for our freedom.

Until next time,

Hook & Laadder



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