It's a pumpkin party

  • Workout Date - 10/30/2014
  • Q In Charge - Alfred
  • The PAX - Erector, Wally, Pooh Bear, Wham-O, Footloose, Épée, Mr. Feeney - FNG (Adem Dokmeci), Blue Hawaii, Stitch - FNG (Sam Thornton), Cockroach, BioFreeze, SpringBreak, Lizard Lick, Oui Oui, Alfred (Q)
  • AO -

15 brave souls with 2 FNGs braved YHC’s Mystery Halloween Birthday Q. Upon rolling up to The Station, there was a shovel flag with a skeleton mask surrounded by pumpkins. YHC arrived early to set up, then tried to be sneaky and leave and come back a few minutes before 0530. The PAX were not fooled. Let’s do this thang.

Warm Up
YHC turns 32 tomorrow, so let’s get some birthday warm ups in.
Merkin x 16 IC (32)
SSH x 16 IC (32)

The Thang
Count off to see if we have enough pumpkins. The PAX count to 14 and YHC forgets to count himself. Nonetheless we have just enough pumpkins. Parner up. Since YHC can’t count, there was a man left by himself. Sorry SpringBreak!! My humble apologies. Grab one pumpkin per group and let’s mozy. We run by the graveyard #spooky, behind the amphitheater, down the steps and over to the big field. YHC, for some unknown reason, is reasonably winded at this point and get’s called out by the PAX while trying to explain Dora 1-2-3. No excuse. Next up:

Pumpkin Dora
100 Pumpkin Merkins (Merkin with one hand on the pumpkin, switch out every few merkins)
200 lunges with pumpkin overhead
300 Russian Twists with pumpkin

While one partner does the exercises, the other runs to the circle drive and back. Then, the partners switch and take over where the count left off. This one was sneaky hard, at least for YHC. The pumpkin wasn’t too heavy at first, but after a few hundred reps no one was begging for a Pumpkin Spice latte. Also, 5 pumpkins were carving pumpkins and 3 were “fancy” pumpkins. The fancy ones were about the same size, but noticeably heavier than the carving pumpkins. Props to Pooh-bear and BioFreeze who had the big fancy pumpkin.

Plank exercises while we wait for all groups to finish. YHC heard it’s not always a good thing to finish first. Then, as a group, finish off the pumpkin twists. Grab your pumpkin and head to the amphitheater for Dora #2.

Amphitheater Dora
100 Squats (Partner runs up / down steps with pumpkin)
200 LBCs (Partner runs up / down steps with pumpkin)
300 Speed Skaters over pumpkin.

Some groups were really cranking these out until Épée corrected us on proper speed skater form. Feeling a big like Irish dancers, hopping over a pumpkin. YHC received a threat to be thrown in the fountain and some other #mumblerchatter throughout the workout. #MissionAccomplished

We’ve got 8 minutes left, so we mozy back to the circle for Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper
Needed to get 32 reps in for the birthday, so we do Jack the Ripper in descending order just to make sure.
8 Diamond Merkins – 32 LBCs
7 Diamond Merkins – 28 LBCs
6 Diamond Merkins – 24 LBCs
5 Diamond Merkins – 20 LBCs
4 Diamond Merkins – 16 LBCs
3 Diamond Merkins – 12 LBCs
2 Diamond Merkins – 8 LBCs
1 Diamond Merkin – 4 LBCs

And we’re done.

As always, it was a pleasure to lead the PAX. Good to see guys of all ages out here. Everyone was pushing hard. It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger. We had a #HateHateHate out today with 17 year old Stitch. Erector laid the wisdom on him in COT so hopefully he’ll be back with some other high school friends. Don’t be ashamed to come show us old folks up.

Adem Dokmeci – Principal at GREEN Charter School = Principal Feeney
Sam – Likes to play baseball = Spank Stitch

Announcements / Prayers
– Fall Party this Saturday
– SC launching Orangeburg, North Augusta, Summerville
– Need speakers for F3 Connect.
– Prayer for BioFreeze & familiy
– Prayer for NSA & family
– Prayer for all those unmentioned requests.

Blue Hawaii has the Q Saturday. See you in the #Gloom.

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