It's a Early Edition "Block" Party!

  • Workout Date - 10/07/2014
  • Q In Charge - The Hard Hat (sounds better than just plain on Hard Hat)
  • The PAX - Gluten, Urkel, Low Carb, Look Out Below, FNG Bobby Boucher - (Allen Bartel), Samsonite, Earthmover, Oedipus, Filet Mignon, The Hard Hat (YHC)
  • AO -

Warm up

High knees In Place – One Minute

Butt Kickers In Place – One Minute

Merkins IC x 15 (which really means you did 30)

Frankenstein across Main Street 

The Thang

Mosey to Greenville news wall

Partner up. Size does not make

10 muscle up the wall while partner does in and outs. 

Switch and then repeat. 


Mosey to Benches

Partner does 10 dips while other partner does Something core (YHC can’t remember)

Switch then Repeat.

Mosey down Main Street (Ask Snowden’s Group How that extra 15 minutes in the fartsack felt) to the Hard Hat’s Truck. What is that. Blocks!!! One per partner group. Let’s take them  up main street then down to the river. Switch as needed with block on the run. 

Let’s play a little catch me if you can with blocks. Partner 1 – 8 diamond Merkins while partner 2 runs with block. Go catch him and hand off block. Our circuit was up the swamp rabbit trail across the River Street Bridge back down and across the pedestrian bridge. Two circuits

Couple of Comments on this Block Run

– Urkel is a Beast!  Much to his Partner’s pain (Earthmover mumble charter was entertaining). He treated a cinder block like child’s toy. 

– This is a great circuit because the river is pretty in the gloom and you can see all of the PAX even if they fall behind. YHC enjoyed being able to mumble chatter across the river thru the gloom at everyone.

Let’s Work those Blocks – Several Partner Teams did some extra credit while other finished. Military Press Block while Partner Planks. Switch when one partner can’t take it anymore. 

Earthmover 10 count – He did it in about 3 seconds so no rest for the weary. 

Mosey with block over to amphitheater

Dora 100’s

100 Curls – Partner not curling is running up stairs to top level. Hit every stair! The Burn is Good!

100 Over Head Press

100 Squats with block. 

Extra Credit while teams finished – Stand back to back with partner. Pass block from one to another like a medicine ball except it is a Cinder Block! One Minute

Now Stand arm’s length apart from partner. Full arm extension pass the block then squat with it. 

I think it was at this point that we starting saying various things to the late Main Thing group as they passed by that blocks were for real men doing real workouts. 

Mosey back up to Main Street to deposit blocks back into The Hard Hat’s truck. Mind the bag of deer corn when placing blocks back in!

Jailbreak back up to Peace Center for Mary. 


Heals to heaven x 20 IC

Butterfly sit-up IC x 15



Anderson Launch on 10/18

Golden Sombrero Family

Attaway Family Home from Mission Work in Thailand

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