ITARs for all

  • Workout Date - 07/11/2017
  • Q In Charge - Matlock
  • The PAX - Everest, Double Check, Wojo, Round N Round, Slag, TPS, Xerox, Dirty Laundry, Hazmat, Grayson, Matlock (QIC)
  • AO -

YHC tends to complain about the weather this time of year. My Italian genes cause me to sweat like a pig in the humidity, often emerging from a beatdown like I just got out of a swimming pool. Today was no exception, it was warmer than Rick Ross in a North Face jumper, or so they say… It makes training for the BRR very challenging, getting your miles in the heat and all.

We had a great turnout by the PAX this morning, 11 runners strong, and Beaver was there training with his buds for an upcoming race. YHC brought his big black box out and set it up on the track next to the benches.

Extended Warm-o-Rama (since the average age of the pax was 49)

First 400 mosey, then 10 Abe Vigodas IC

Second 400 mosey, then 10 Toy Soldiers IC

Third 400 mosey, then 10 String Rippers IC

Fourth 400 mosey, then 10 Rockettes IC each leg

The THANG was a combination of interval training with an active recovery or an ITAR. Lets see if that acronym sticks.

The PAX partnered up, then partner 1 runs a 400 interval at tempo pace, partner 2 does 10 slow seat squats on the bench, then five slow 20 inch step ups on the Box each leg, then plank until his partner comes in. then flapjack until time called.

It was that simple. The PAX got 5 laps, 50 squats and 50 step ups in before Omaha.

-Cool down 400 mosey with 100 yards of Buttkickers


Cobra plank for a 10 count

Alabama Ass Kickers 10 IC each leg

Downward Dog Calf Stretch 10 count

LBCs 17 IC (yes that’s right, 17)

Gluteus Maximus Strechius 10 count each side

Low Slow American Hammers 10 IC


-Tclaps to Double Check who was fought through two injuries and is back in the gloom. He said and I quote, “GREAT to be sweating again”. Indeed.

-Someone needs to explain to Grayson the origin of the Abe Vigoda reference. Nah, it will take too long.

-Apparently Wake Forest makes sleeveless shirts. Who knew?

-There were several runners on the track training, Beaver included. We gave him a hard time, but he is clearly working hard for an upcoming event. Go get ’em Beaver.


-Butt Fumble is collecting clothes and other items for a family who lost everything in a fire. Please donate what you can for this family in need.

-Several running workouts for BRR training going on, please check your emails if you are on a team and look out for preblasts.

CHAPS is moving to Greenville, SC and the send off party is Wednesday, July 12 at Joymongers at 5:30pm. YHC is very sad to see a good friend leave Natville. Let’s give him a toast tomorrow.

COT: Wojo took us out.

Thanks the opportunity to lead this awesome group of men.




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