Italian Stallion at the Powder Keg

  • Workout Date - 03/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Stem Cell
  • The PAX - Boomhauer, June Carter, Whoopie, Redwire, Missing, Quaker, Brown Shorts, Mr. Burns, Padre, Carl's Jr., Seal, I Try, Slug, 12th Man, Gage, Stem Cell
  • AO -

After some technical difficulties, Stem Cell led his first Q with a Rocky themed musical montage.

Side straddle hop (x25)
Mountain climbers (x25)
Squat punch (x25)
Squat kick (x25)
Mosey to pick up coupons
3 sets of 8 (OYO)
– Ear cleaner (side-side pull up)
– Bench step up (each leg)
– Military press + Tricep extension
Mosey w/ coupon
Wind sprint merlot (5 min) – we relived the Rocky – Apollo Creed foot race on the beach
Plank w/ arm/leg raises (1 min)
Side crunches (x20 each side)
American hammer (x25)
Slalom plyometrics (1 min)
Fast step on coupon (front & side, 1 min)
Hill sprints (5 min)

Prayer Requests:
Stem Cell – job
Keystone – Noah’s recovery from surgery
Gluten – recovery from illness
Boomhauer – 100-miler

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