It was dark. we did stuff. there were blocks involved.

  • Workout Date - 07/28/2016
  • Q In Charge - Slick Willy
  • The PAX - Footloose, iTunes, Alfred, Wally, Almond Joy, Clean Needle, Field of Dreams, Cauliflower, Bambi, No Bars, FNG - Bread Bowl, Gilligan, Chief Wahoo
  • AO -

13 Pax joined YHC for what may be his last weekday post due to schedule changes at work.



That is all.  Short and sweet so we can move on to THE.BEST.WORKOUT.EVER!!

The Thang

Short mosey up Jason Street to the Cannon Street intersection.  Line up for LT. Dan.  Made our way down Jason street up to 10 squats if I recall correctly.  Mosey the rest of the way to N Main Street for 20 LBC in cadence.  Waited on one of Greer’s finest to pass by before we crossed the street, no brake lights so we were good to go.  Nothing suspicious about a bunch of guys in dark clothing early in the morning.

Crossed the street and mosey over to MUMC.  Told all PAX to grab a block and was answered by confused response “Everyone get a block?”  There may have been the fear speaking.

Build-A-Burpee Dora with the Farmer Carry.  AKA “The Slick Willy Standby” AKA “The Equalizer”

100 Jump squats

200 Thrusters

300 Merkins

P1 knocks out reps while P2 grabs a block in each hand and makes his way to the end of the parking lot and back.

These guys are beasts!

Put the blocks away and mosey back to Jason Street to wait on the PAX. Got a quick 10 count then I called “JAILBREAK!!” back to the circle.  Some mumble chatter about it being too far but that may have been the Girl Scout Troop that was passing by cause I know it was not any of the TITANS from The Station saying that.

Arrived at the circle, while I waited on the smoke to clear from the burning rubber from the PAX shoes I called an audible to my plan and did 10 minutes of Mary with Dealers Choice.

Clean Needle started us off with American Hammer 20 IC

Field of Dreams – Flutter X 20 IC

Cauliflower – Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Bambi – Plank Jacks AMRAP X 2 mins

No Bars – Freddy Mercury X 25 or 30. Let’s go with 30

YHC finished off the last few minutes leading the PAX in a cool down Cobra stretch/inchworm combo.

That rumbling sound y’all heard at 0615 was the sound of AWESOMENESS coming from The Station at the completion of the workout.

It was great to have Cauliflower and Bambi join us this morning.  Welcome to Addison (? my recording was muffled so I did not hear it) Bailey now forever known as Bread Bowl!!


Gideons House Saturday 0600.  Footloose has the details if you need them. This will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd F for our brother Bondo.

Prayers for all those mentioned; cancer, heart attacks, sickness.





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