It was cold, and we did many things!

  • Workout Date - 10/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Sammy, ATM, Whisper, ChurchLady, Dr. Phil, SoccerMom, Tedidiah
  • AO -

8 brave PAX left the warm embrace of their fartsacks to come out for a gloomy Tuesday workout.   YHC made an attempt to keep this relatively merkin free, a few of us are still struggling with the coffee cups after 3B’s mid month merkin fest yesterday (tclaps 3B).  Enough with the chat chit.

Warm up:


Dancing Bears x 20IC

Hillbilly Squats x20IC

Main Thang(s)

PAX line up @ 1 end of basketball court for Bobby Negrons, bear crawl 4 steps, the 2 merkins. proceeded to end of court, then over to Chigger Mountain (best name for the hill that I have heard so far, thanks ATM).


11s – Burpees @ the bottom, run backwards up, ISWs @ the top, crab walk back down.


Chin up hamster wheel – PAX lined up for 2 x chin ups and a quick lap around the play area.  Repeato to a 50 count on the chin ups & laps. Yup, thanks Herme @ TankYard.

Outta time……back for hyper Mary….

LBCs x30IC
BoxCutters x16IC


  1. Buy ACA’s t-shirts to help with his family’s adoptionfund!  They’re t-shirts!  We all gotta wear a t-shirt, may as well be one of ACA’s!
  2. 3rdF, God to the last drop tomorrow morning!
  3. Come out for ATMs BDay Q.  He’s Q’ing Friday and Saturday, buy one beatdown, get one free.
Lets keep Hulk’s brother in our prayers, who is hospitalized with heart issues.  Let’s keep the men @ the Gideons House in our prayers, as well as our F3 efforts to serve them.   Let’s keep Colin (Sammy’s son) in our prayers who is having his tonsils removed this week.  I think he said it best, it doesn’t seem like routine surgery when it is your child!
Observation: Whisper is unrelenting.  SoccerMom @ Tedidiah are fast, and everyone else busted arse this morning.   Honor to have led.   Let’s go do work.

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