It was a Nice Concept. . .

  • Workout Date - 02/01/2016
  • Q In Charge - Tiny Dancer
  • The PAX - Gauge(HateHateHate), Tiny Dance(YHC, HateHateHate), Swift(HateHateHate), Gluten(Respect), Carl's Junior(Respect), Keystone(almost), Boomhauer(Almost), Red Wire(Respect), Quacker(QUACK! Respect), Domer Simpson(Über Kotters), [Little] Brown Shorts, Slug, T-Bag, Village People(Ryan Lemeer{Lemere?}–FNG), Steamer, Padre, Inspector Gadget(Respect), Missing, Youkilis, Whoopee!
  • AO -

For this workout, I decided to make a musical workout based on a concept album(for those of you that don’t know, it’s an album with a story line attached). We did a pyramid, adding one exercise for every song, and doing one extra burpee for any swear-words we came across. Totals are below.

I am Pharaoh. Fear me.


30x SSH, IC (Starting position move)

15x Imperial Walkers, IC (It does matter)


Mosey to the Picnic Shelter.


The Thang:

The Grand Illusion: 10x burpees. Flutter kicks, 15x, IC. LBCs, 15x, IC. Reverse LBCs.

Foolin’ Yourself: 11x burpees(+1 for the H-word at the end of Grand Illusion). 20x mex.

Superstars: 20x burpees(should have been ten, but there was a flyover). 20X mex. 30x Freddie Mercury.

Come Sail Away: 10x burpees. 20X mex. 30x Freddie Mercury. 40x in and outs.

Miss America: 10x burpees. 20x mex. 30x Freddie Mercury. 40x in and outs. 30x Merkins.

Man in the Wilderness: 10x burpees. 20x mex. 30x Freddie Mercury. 40x rows. 30x Merkins. 20x Russian Twists.

Castle Walls/Grand Finale: 10x burpees 20x mex. 30x Freddie Mercury. 40x rows. 30x Merkins. 20x Russian Twists. 10x Hip Dips, if time.

TOTALS: 70 burpees. 120 mex. 150 Freddie Mercury. 160 rows. 90 Merkins. 40 Russian Twists. 10 Hip Dips.

We Indian ran around the building when we were finished, and I had a mutiny on my hands with T. Swift calling a Jailbreak which I never called. I’ll have to jack-slap that kid . . .


We ‘lamented’ the fact that Seal was not there (though, sarcasm aside, we’re praying for you, pal. Who’s going to #Sandbag?)

Swift was doing way too much mumblechatter to have been pushing himself well.

FNG was ‘enjoying’ the workout, in that way that most, if not all FNGs do.

Generally, mumblechatter is low. After all, what do they have to complain about?


Drifter 6K on the 6th. Don’t forget. The Beastside will probably swamp us all, but what can we say?

Powderkeg running workout on Fridays now(for anyone who wants to get in some last minute Drifter training, but also in general). Come expecting LSD. Yes, you know what I mean.

Prayers for Gluten’s mom, and his family.

Prayers also for Seal. Hoping his procedure goes safely/well. We’ll have to find someone else who can strike fear into the PAX for the next six months . . .

Also . . .


We dare you, if you are man enough, to visit Powderkeg this Thursday, and enter the Gauntlet of the Monty Python Q.  It will be a double Q with me and my Dad(1.0, whatever is).