It Starts and End with Burpees – Thanks Norfolk Southern

  • Workout Date - 11/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - Whoopee
  • The PAX - Flowrider, Gutshot, Whoopee (YHC)
  • AO -

YHC arrived at the Market Madness AO at approximately 6:50.  No one around except me and the crickets.  After about 3 minutes, however, Flowrider pulls into the parking lot – Excellent!

At this point, I am wondering if Gutshot would show today?  Did last night’s Twitter threat of a Boomhauer-style all running workout really scare him off?

Flowrider and I are just about to start the workout, when the familiar black Z car of Gutshot pulls into the parking lot.  The shovel flag is planted just in time for…….

The 7:00 Norfolk Southern to roll through – so we begin with 10 burpees!

The Rest of the Warmup

Windmills x 10

SSH x 25

Arm Circles

Monkey Humpers x 15

At this point, we mosey about 1/2 mile down to the Gettys Elementary football stadium.

Man, this place has really nose-dived since this used to be the high school.  This place needs some love and housekeeping; looks like Rocky would work out here, so  YES! – Just the kind of place for a good F3 style beatdown!

The Thang:

Stairway to Sevens – Burpees and Derkins at the bottom of the concrete stands; run up the stairs to top of stands and perform squats; start at 1 and go to 7 reps each go round (Man this was harder than I thought it would be!!)

Mosey to the side of the cinderblock restrooms for:

Pax’s Chair and Air Presses – 1 minute of pax chair followed by 35 air presses; rinse and repeat x 4; last couple of cycles we got fancy and did the pax chair one legged.

Mosey onto the football field for:

Suicide Sprints with Merkins – Start at the goal line – sprint to 25 yd line; return 5 x merkins; sprint to 50 yd line; return 5 x merkins; sprint to opposite 25 yd line; return 5 x merkins; sprint to opposite goal post; return 5 x merkins; plank up waiting for the 6 and then we do some plankorama for a minute (that’s 500 yards of sprinting for the mathematicians out there).

At this point, Gutshot spots tires around the fence line – there are three regular size tires and one super sized rear wheel tractor size tire – so, we audible to

Tractor Tire Squats with Running – Two pax squat and flip the tire moving from sideline to sideline and back while the third runs a complete sideline to sideline.  We manage to get the tire across and back one time.  Wow, am I the only one who thinks this was an arse-kicker?  #useyourlegs #howmuchdoesthatweigh? How much more would it weigh with ice frozen in it?  Time will tell……

10x Dips on Dip Bars – Man, there are so many coupons around here – Gutshot spotted this equipment and also some long steel poles that look perfect for overhead group presses, group situps, group runs – oh yeah we will be back here to play again for sure……..

Mosey up the bleachers and the 1/2 mile run back to the market parking lot. Stop at the guardrails for some

Sevens – Chest ups and Bobby Hurleys – concentrate on form here; then we mosey around to the courtyard for some slow count……….

Derkins! – slow, slow, slow 4 count derkins x 9; the snot is blowing now and the mumble chatter is non-existant – excellent! Mosey to the amphitheater stage for 90 seconds or so of calf raises and then we have time for

6 MOM – LBC’s, Rosalita, Reverse LBC’s, Flutterkicks, some squats for fun and then wouldn’t you know it we hear another train, so 10 Burpee’s to close it out – who knew you could have this much fun in an hour?


Gutshot and I agreed that the Hope Relay Boot Camp was awesome, along with the Toys for Tots Convergence. Let’s make sure to be back again at both next year.

Flowrider mentions an upcoming 5k race to benefit the DREAM center (faith based assistance for families living in poverty) in Easley – 12/12/15 @8:30; would be a great local cause and a good chance to show the shovel flag for F3.  See go-green events website.

Praise for all the things we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving; Prayers for all those traveling down range over the holiday – travel safe.  Praise for the fellowship that F3 provides.

No coffeeteria since it is Clemson game day and majority of pax are attending – Go Tigers and we will hit the Huddle next time.  Until then…….

See ya in the gloom,

YHC Whoopee

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