It is alway a "Good Friday" at the DawgPound!

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2016
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Earthmover, The Big Short, Spackler, JK2, Susan Boyle, Double Windsor, clip-on, caliendo, and Longbottom
  • AO -

We gathered under a full moon on Good Friday to lay down a little pain,  but let us remember who made the true sacrifice on this day!

Warm up:

SSH, Hillbillies, squats, arm circles, Slow Merkins, LBC’s, Dollies

The DawgPound “Thang”

Mosey to the SRT

stop at Sunrift for some Derkins and Dips; 20:15:10:5

Mosey across the road

New exercise named by Susan Boyle:  The Bernie Sanders

1 squat : 4 step ups (or box jump)  we went up to 8 : 32

on your 6 for core:  20 big sit-ups / erectors x 10 IC and then single leg to / 5, scorpions 10 IC each leg

Mosey to TRUMC parking lot for Pax choice 1:4

1 burpee : 4 fairy jacks up to 6 : 24 (curtesy of Double Windsor and Spackler- crowd pleaser)

Jack webb pyramid:  1 merkin : 4 air presses (up to 5:20 and back down) (curtesy of Caliendo)

Mosey back towards home and stop and grab wall or bench

20 Dips IC

on you 6 for LBCs, and flutters

Mosey back to sun rift and gab more wall

Dips x 20

Derkins x 15

Dips x 15

Derkins x 10

Dips x 10

Jailbreak to the start

Lunges x 20 IC

Predator Jacks x 10 IC


Announcements:  BRR Teams are forming! only 30 spots left, get on it!  Let’s make Legacy great again, show up on Saturdays at 7 am.

Prayers:  JK2 and wife with new business,  YHC’s sister for surgery this Monday, Pray for our Lord and Savior and what this day represents!!

As always it was an honor to lead and follow you men!!!


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