It hurts to think about it!

  • Workout Date - 08/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - Quickie
  • The PAX - Brown shorts,BOGO,Red Wire(Respect),Seal,Whoopie,Clapper,Gluten(Respect),Slug,Tbag,Lincoln logs,Inspector Gadget(Respect), Crunchy,Carls Jr(Respect) and YHC
  • AO -

I have been doing this workout trying to get ready for the GoRuck light in Charlotte in a couple weeks so I figured I would share it with the PAX! I don’t think they appreciated it too much!
20 x Smurf Jacks
20 x Monkey Humpers
20 x Mountain climbers
The mumblechatter had already started but YHC was just warming the old legs up for what was in store
Mosey around the church the the back
The Thang
10 Merkins lunge walk across the parking lot 10 squats Bear crawl back to 9 Merkins….. Back and forth down to 1 I have been doing this with ruck on. It sucks either way! Let’s mosey to the block pile. Everyone grab a coupon and follow me over to this hill that really don’t look that big or steep but looks can be deceiving ask IG partner up
Block DORA with backwards run up the hill
100 Thrusters with block
200 Derkins using both blocks
300 SC Flutters holding block overhead
Some helped out the others after they were finished! Nobody left behind!
Mosey back to the block pile and then back to the flag! We have got 3 minutes left just enough time for the Alphabet
Spell the capitol letters without your feet touching the ground
Michelin 5k rematch possible with Seal and Sushi
Midnight flight 10k Aug 27 at 10 PM
Talks of F3 golf tournament not sure on date
Prayers for YHC and T bags sisters both with breast cancer
YHC lead us in prayer

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