It has been a great year

  • Workout Date - 05/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - Johnny 5
  • The PAX - Punkin Spice, Schneider, Earthmover, Golden Sombrero, Mustang Sally, Slap Chop, Banjo, Posh Spice, Alfred, Johnny 5
  • AO -

Well it has been a year now since my first post. It was hard getting out of the fart sack that rainy morning but one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have meet many great men, i’m in better shape, and I am a better leader. Thanks to all who have helped me along this journey. This is a repeat q that punkin spice did when he was the q at my first post. Now enough of me rambling and on to the 1st F.

SSH x15 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Squat Jumps x20 OYO

Mnt. Climbers x15 IC

Indian run to the elementary school.

“Good,Legit” Pull-ups x5

Merkin then in and out =1 x10 (we did Swerkins last year but we were missing swings this year after the removal of the playground)

Perform all pain-stations x3, order of your choice

Indian run back

Continue pain-stations
Dips x15

Joe Hendrix

Perform all pain-stations x3, order of your choice

Wall sits while everyone finishes

“Quick” Dora 1-2-3
Partner 1 exercises while Partner 2 runs out and back (about 50 yards)
100 – Air Squats
200 – Mnt. Climbers, single count
300 – Fairy Jacks once again a #crowdpleaser

Lunge walk approximately 25 yards

Jail break back to the circle approximately 25 yards

Flutters x20 IC
Dolly x15 IC
Rosalita x15 IC
LBCs x10(ish) IC
Freddy Mercury x15 IC

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