It Dangles Naturally

  • Workout Date - 02/04/2017
  • Q In Charge - Put a Crouton on it
  • The PAX - Gloves muffed it
  • AO -

45 +/- 3 Dangle’d it on an absolutely perfect winter morn in February at Chodestee.  Unfortunately, the face of #TheDangler, Phil Dunphy, could’ve tainted less about our newly branded Dangler.

Gloom Observations – Advertised as a 6k, it dangled a little further than we thought #ElectricCity.  Seal showed up early trying Dangle in some chubbies #IwasInThePool.  FNG 1 Direction flaunted his cankle ink, good to see his hairy kisser out and about.  Sponge wore workout gear to a workout, he even schwetted through his organic headband.  The Swamp Rabbit’s #creepyuncle took a break from Eunjee jumping to ask questions before, during & after the race.  Stem stood up to the Swamp Rabbit’s bully, Domer, and made him stick around after the race for dessert.  Nature Boy brought the old school Nature Boy energy and IT FIRES MY ASS UP.  YUGE thanks to Holla (Dangler Godfather), San Diago (sick but deditainted), Flay (Chodestee expert) for showing up at 6:45AM and marking the track for us.  Another YUGE thanks to Slim for digging up some nice schwag to toss around and make The Dangler legit.  YUGE thanks to Bob Ross & Pootie Burns for coordinating the Dang’s logo.  Caviar ordered the only schmedium sized shirt, I am convinced he’s 14 years old and plays JV soccer at JL Mann.  YUGE thanks to Phil Dunphy for being born and giving us a mug we can Dangle to.

Warm up:
Fumunda Cheese Bouncing Around the Jimmy

The Taint:

When the bush don’t give you a convenient 6K, you taint it an 8K.


The OutQuitters can suck it.

  • FNG Hootie Johnson (F3 Gold Tooth Lesbian)
  • Resin
  • Houdini


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