Is this Q and FNG?

  • Workout Date - 03/24/2016
  • Q In Charge - Satisfry
  • The PAX - Epee, Spackler, Dinghy, Libor, Bubba Gump, Houdini, Soul Plane, Weed Wacker, Latka, Handy Manny, Bowflex, Clip-On, Domer Simpson, Sponge Bob #Kotters.
  • AO -

15 Stalwarts got together this morning at the MT to continue the mission of F3. Some might of asked, is the Q an FNG? (because of my absences). However, I proceeded to dust off the cobwebs from the ole SF, Q skills and got to work.

Conditions: 51 degrees (Near Perfect, if you ask me)

The Thang:

SSH – 20 IC
Squat – My Count (SLOW) 10
HKJ – 15 OYO

Form two lines for Indian Run towards N. Main.

Stop in One City Plaza.

DIPS – 15 – IC
DURKS – 15 – IC (Latka mentioned i needed to go to Q school)

Mosey to Garage
Partner up (size doesn’t matter)
P1 – Hip Slappers on Wall #mumblechatter
P2 – back petal up 1st ramp, 10 mercs OYO at first flat, back pedal up next ramp, 20 squats, run down stairs to P1, Flip Flop.


P1 – Flutters until P2 returns
P2 – Karaoke Right, 20 Back Scratchers, Karaoke Left 40 Dollys


P1 – Russian Twist
P2 – Bear Crawl up Ramp #severe mumblechatter, 30 Dying Cockroaches, Sprint up next ramp, 60 LBC’s


10 Count

Mosey to Stairway to Heaven (Grace Church Steps)
Circle Up for Seal Jacks – 15 IC
Get in one line on left side – Apollo Ono’s Up, Mosey Down Middle, Apollo Ono’s Up Right, Mosey Down Middle.

Rinse and Repeat

2 Lines IR back to shovel flag

Russian Twist x 20
Debbie x whatever, i couldn’t count, so did it for 10 seconds



Village Pillage tonight (6-8PM) at OOBE – Contact Caviar if you want to go, like now. Notice the wood #HandyMannyworks

USMC Mud Run – 4/30/16

Seneca Mud Run – Seneca “One Life Sucks” Get in touch with Epee

Hands On Greenville – :Gideons House – F3 Dads Workout – 4/30/1

Fruity Pebbles, Officer Jacobs, Bowflex’s Wife, DINI’s neighbor Bob



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