Is That a Kettleball?

  • Workout Date - 02/24/2024
  • Q In Charge - Tiger Rag
  • The PAX - SpongeBob, Épée, Punch Out, Inspector Gadget, Satisfry, Snowden, Rexkwando, Ahhnold, Grim Reaper, Zorro, Nippler, Tiger Rag, Snooka, Iceman
  • AO -

14 men planted the shovel flag and put in some sneaky hard work with their kettle ball….er…kettlebell.


Ya gotta love twitter. @Snowden was chirping about the upcoming kettleball class. He was quickly corrected and then said it was a typo – #whatever #HorseIsOutOfTheBarn

The Thang:

Tiger Rag led us through the basic KB exercises. Showing us what good form/technique looked like, as well as bad form (so we know what to avoid).
2 handed swing
1 handed swing
High pull
Overhead press
Goblet squat
Dead lift
Bulgarian Romanian dead left (one leg)
Russian Twist
Around the world

Then we jumped into a 15 min beatdown:

1 snatch, 1 high pull, 1 clean, 1 two handed swing
repeat with the opposite arm
Repeat ladder adding a rep for each exercise (up to 3 reps for ea exercise)
Louganis x10 (IC)
Russian twist x10 (IC)
LBC x20 (IC)
Finish with 50 two handed swings #crowdpleaser


Naked Moleskin
– Tclaps to @TigerRag for making the trek down I-85 to lead our first KB workout. YHC has done a good many KB workouts but that doesn’t mean I’m a good teacher and/or able to spot good/bad form.
– If your form was good, your glutes, hips and hammy’s should be sore/tight. If your arms are sore, we need to work on your form
– KB’s are sneaky tough on cardio and core. Just ask the guys who attended this workout. So regardless of what @Flay says, this workout is not just for #Meatheads. Runners should seriously consider a KB workout since it really engages the legs and will make them stronger.
– For those who plan to purchase a KB, don’t go light. Although counter-intuitive, lighter wgt leads to poor form. The general guide is the lightest any adult male in F3 should be using is 35lbs. Those guys 180-190lbs should be 40lbs+ and those over 200 lbs should be 45lbs+
– Lastly – we’re still working out the schedule for this workout. Stay tuned….

See ya in the gloom….


8 thoughts on “Is That a Kettleball?”

  1. Thanks for the invite and the concierge BB service while I traveled to ATL yesterday.

    One correction: it was the Romanians who popularized the dead lift, one-legged and otherwise. The Bulgarians are known for their split squats and their bags.

    KB weight is a tricky subject, in F3 in particular (because of moving about the AO) but here’s my take: Get two KBs. The Heavy KB is for swings, legs and for when you are fresh. The Medium KB for presses, get ups and when your technique slips from fatigue.

    If you have to choose one, go Heavy first. My recommendation is to choose your first KB based on swing (pull) capacity. Whether they realize it or not, most pax choose their KB based on press (push) capacity, mostly because they think of a KB as dumb bell. It’s anything but, right Snowden?

          1. Well I’m a lifelong girlie-man when it comes to weights, but this might just help motivate me to give it a fair try.

            In my (somewhat)defense, I bought that thang a year ago right when I joined out little Band of Weirdos, and was significantly weaker. Will remedy the situation before my first Post to Hanz and Franz.

  2. @Flay – fair enough. I doubt my childish comments deserved an adult answer. However, if it motivates you to join us, then mission accomplished ; ) You really will be surprised by the results. And I’m not talking about how @Snowden is walking funny after yesterdays workout.

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