Is it baseball season yet? TOT batting 1.000

  • Workout Date - 01/15/2020
  • Q In Charge - Priscilla
  • The PAX - Sprinkles, Butterbean, Lt. Dangle, Cockpit, Turban
  • AO - Tower of Terror

6 pax gathered together for a Wednesday morning circuit session trying to bat 1.000. We had planned to complete a major league 9 innings but only made it to a middle school 7 innings.

Conditions: is it summer? A balmy 56 degrees.

Mission: Check

Disclaimer: Check

Warmup: SSH x27 (number of outs to win a baseball game – thus started the counting debate…)

The Thang:

1,000 reps each DORA style (so 2,000 reps total). 112 each exercise or 224 together. Run a lap while your partner works out. Use coupons where applicable.

1st Inning: Curls

2nd Inning: LBCs

3rd Inning: Overhead press

4th inning: Mountain climbers 4 count

5th inning: Row

6th inning: Flutters 4 count 

7th inning: Plank jacks (**we made it here)

8th inning: Merkins

9th inning: Squats

Mary: Did not make an appearance

COT: prayer request: Lt. Dangle’s co-worker who is continuing to recover. My apologies if I left something out.

Baseball is coming soon.


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