Is He For Real?

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

28 Men gathered round the Shovel Flag at the Peace Center. Lot’s of speculation on who had the Q. Turned out to be PunkinSpiceCaffeMistoCinnamonDolceFrappuccino’s VQ. And we think it takes Tomato Bacon Cheese too long to spit his name out……


(Iceman posting for PunkinSpiceCaffeMistoCinnamonDolceFrappuccino)
The Thang:

Warm Up
SSH x25
HKJs x25 OYO
Merkins x15 (forgot to change cadence pitch for final rep) #rookiemistake
-hold plank-
MCs x15
-hold plank for 10 count-
Super Burpee – Add a merkin, knee tuck and squat jump after each rep, ascending to 10, nope, audible to 7 #mumblechatter #10nexttimeforsure #keeper

Count off 1’s & 2’s
Mosey along the Reedy to backside of the Bowater Building and Liberty Bridge.
Circle up for some Jack Webb, x5 #stopsayingup

Mosey across Liberty Bridge, split into 1’s & 2’s, and partner up. Size may or may not matter.
1’s – Joe Hendricks up (just first flight, to the flat) and bear crawl down while partner holds 6″(1st set) and plank(2nd set). Flapjack x2. Plank when finished.
2’s – Hook squats w/ squat jumps. #mayhavefailedwiththisone Partners lean back to back, hook arms(optional), sit down into a squat together, and walk 360 degrees (clockwise). Stand up, squat jumps x5. Repeat hook squat (counterclockwise). Repeat until 1’s are finished.
1’s and 2’s Flapjack

Mosey, under Liberty Bridge, stop for pull ups x5, continue mosey back along Reedy, then back across The Bridge Over the River Reedy to handrails under Main St.
1’s – Broad jump, inch worm w/ merkins until 2’s finish.
2’s – Grab some rail for supine pull ups, alternating overhand and underhand grip, 2 sets each grip x10 (audible-make that 2nd set x8).
1’s and 2’s Flapjack

Mosey to stairs at top of amphitheater, split back into 1’s and 2’s, and partner up. Size does matter.
1’s – Clap merkins x10, plank when done, or more merkins. #Qdrenalinerunningout
2’s – Partner piggybacks up and down the stairs x2 each.

Mosey/Slowsey/think I even saw a little Jail Break back to the Shovel Flag.

Partner up with the person to your right, pax informs Q that isn’t going to quite work, #bonehead Okay, just partner up, size does not matter.

Partner leg throws x25, flapjack.
Clapping flutters x25 OYO (alternate clapping behind each leg)
Dead cockroaches x25 OYO
Plank it up for a couple slow 10 counts


Naked Moleskin
– Great work by the FNG’s.
– Great Q by PunkinSpiceCaffeMistoCinnamonDolceFrappuccino. Super burpees are definite keepers. Not so sure about hook squats. #awkward
– YHC has noticed a lot of Hate Hate’s (20 somethings) in the PAX these days #makingmefeelold

– Men’s Round Table is on for Wed (2/19) – 0530 Grace Church Downtown
– Contact One Direction if you’re interested in the Palmetto 200
– The Murph workout at Legacy Park this Saturday 0600, Standard bootcamp workout at 0700
– HDHH @ Fitzpatrick’s on Laurens Road
– Hurling, let Twerkin’ know, play on Sunday’s and drink beer
– If you want F3 Swamp Rabbit shirts get on the wait list ( so another bulk can be ordered (12 orders to fulfill bulk order to get sent to printing)
Prayer Requests
-Golden’s Dad
-Epee, while he’s overseas
-Any and all unspoken prayers

Also, I found a pair of black Adidas sweatpants, size medium, on the ground while walking back to my car. Not sure if they belong to one of the Pax.


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