Invasion of the Swamp Rabbits

  • Workout Date - 08/01/2015
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disk
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Nature Boy, Moonshine, Callahan, Skyline, Zorro, One D, Steely, Zelda, Houdini, Squirrel Butt, Sushi, Krunchy, Picasso (FNG), Stern (FNG), Double Check, Leaf Blower, Rice Krispy, Tecumseh, Joule, Lipton, Bubba, Floppy Disk
  • AO -

Lipton and I had started the morning with a little extra credit before the main event at Pullen Park. When we rolled around back to the front of the park we noticed the gathering group of PAX was a bit larger than expected, and there were some unfamiliar faces in the mix as well. After some introductions it was revealed that the Swamp Rabbits from Greenville, SC had hopped up for the launch of Teach Me Morpheus, and had time to come to F3Raleigh’s original workout site beforehand. Luckily YHC had spent the previous hour planning an outstanding beatdown that would be worthy of our esteemed guests!

SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 25
Windmills x 10 (plus an extra so Swamp Rabbits could holler out 11)

The Thang:
YHC had setup a .6 mile loop through the park with 8 pain stations earlier in the morning. First order of business was to have the PAX pick partners and run the route so all PAX knew what was expected. The counts at each station are to be completed as a team before moving to the next station.
1) 150 Merkins in the grass at the stone circle
2) 80 Star Jumps in the grassy area above the half-pipe
3) 200 Rock Curls at the rock pile by the tennis courts
4) 200 Squats on the grassy knoll past the tennis courts
5) 100 American Hammers at Goose Poop Island
6) 50 Burpee Jump-ups on stairs on the far side of the pond
7) 75 Derkins at bench around tree near the pond dam
8) 100 Xs & Os in grassy area near Andy and Opie statue

Several teams were able to complete 2 rounds before time expired.

Great to have the Swamp Rabbit PAX join us this morning! Best wishes on the launch of Teach Me Morpheus. If you have knowledge in an area and would like to be compensated sharing that knowledge, check out Teach Me Morpheus.

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