Invasion of the #PowderKeggers

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Latka, Pedialyte, Brown Shorts, Seal, Malpractice, San Diago, Gluten (WD), Hook & Ladder, Steamer, Domer, Angry Bird, Houdini, Grilled Cheese on a Donut, Iceman
  • AO -

capture the flag

14 men planted the shovel flag at #TheMainThang. 6 drove all the way from #PowderKeg to try and wrestle the #GhostFlag from GCOD’s hands. Speaking of GCOD, it’s 0529 and still no sign of him or the #GhostFlag. You could feel the #PowderKeg crew growing anxious. One even said, “we came for a flag, it doesn’t matter which one we go home with” as they eyed @Satisfry’s SF. Luckily, GCOD showed up and the tension eased, until the second half of the warmup….

The Thang:

SSH x25
Jack Webb x6
Dan Taylor x5 Lot’s of #mumblechatter with these 2 exercises. Not typically found in a warmup, YHC decided to combine them to get everyone’s attention. #missionaccomplished

Beast w/ burpees
7 burpees at 3 stops around the PC. Start counter clockwise and make the return trip (total of 42 burpees)
Oblique LBC’s until everyone finished up.

Mosey across the street

Wall muscle ups (hold for 2 ct at top)
Jump lunges (DC)
Rosalita’s until everyone finished up

Mosey to Connellys parking lot
Partner suicides
P1 does suicides (2nd, 4th and 6th parking spots), then 20 merkins when back to the start
P2 planks
Flapjack, repeato

Backwards run up the hill (~75yds) to Main St, then mosey to PC amphitheater

11’s 7’s (audibled to 7’s due to time constraints)
Burpee box jumps
Heels to heaven

Jailbreak to the flag
Box cutters x10 #PowderKegspecial


Naked Moleskin
– I’d say the Swamp Rabbit PAX are liking the idea of the #GhostFlag. Credit to @Sadiq for the idea and #PowderKeg for mobilizing to capture it. Now who’s gonna post at #PowderKeg this Thurs to take it back?
– Those #PowderKeggers are a scrappy bunch
– @SanDiago might be the fastest I’ve seen at doing burpees. And he’s not cutting corners, he’s just fast #wheelhouse
– No @Hootie, @Gritch posted at the #EarlyThang so that left the #mumblechatter to @Houdini. He started fast and faded – must have been YHC’s combination of exercises. More than likely though, it was because he was too far ahead of YHC for me to hear him.
– APB for @Zoila. He HC’d for this workout but was a #noshow

Prayer Requests / Announcements
– Gluten’s small group at Church is hosting 3-4 families as part of “Family Promise”.
– Remember all the service men/women and police/firemen who keep us safe
– Shout out to @Sherpa in Nepal, spreading God’s word. Stay safe brother

– Lot’s of expansion going on – North Augusta, Summerville and Asheville. Keep an eye on for updates

See ya in the gloom….


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  1. Props to Iceman for giving us Powderkeggers a good #mainthangbeatdown. You guys are lunge fanatics! Glad the GF made it to the AO. Could have gotten ugly. #hostages #riot Who’s coming to get it?

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