Invasion of the 2.0's

  • Workout Date - 10/02/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

19 Men rolled out of the fartsack, planted the SF and got down to bidness


So it wasn’t really an invasion but four 2.0’s is strong for a weekday workout.

Burpees x10 oyo
SSH x20
Merkins x10
IW x20

Indian Run to football field
Double applesauce w/ sandbags

Mosey to the bleachers
Stop motion Dips x10
Stop motion squats x10
Stop motion Derkins x10
Step ups – on the bleachers x20

Mosey to the football field
Split into 2 groups
Sandbag race
One person runs out and back with sandbag, at the halfway point – sandbag man-makers x5
while the rest of the PAX do – LBC’s, back scratchers, dolly’s, mtn climbers, v-ups, freddie mercury’s
flapjack until all have raced with the SB #smokedcore

Plank sprints
After each plank exercise, sprint 20yds, run backwards to the starting point, then merkins x10 (after each sprint)
Plank shoulder touches x10
Mahktar Ndiaye x10
Plank hold 45secs

Indian run back
you guessed it – double applesauce with the sandbags

6MOM was incorporated during the sandbag sprints.


Naked Moleskin
– Great workout and effort by the PAX in Mauldin. Really solid group and they continue to grow. You need to post with them in the near future.
– 2.0’s bring a different vibe to the workouts – a good vibe with lots of energy
– Next time I promise to have more sandbags = more sandbag sprints with man-makers
– Lot’s of mumble chatter when One Direction chose v-ups


– @Fertile will share his testimony at #Legacy this Saturday – O630-0700
– 3rd F – Men’s roundtable begins 10/16 at Grace Church downtown (every Wed for 6 weeks 0530-0615)
– Lot’s of mumble chatter about upcoming mud runs. If interested ask and we’ll direct you to those who are participating
– We’ve had several VQ’s recently. Still need guys to step up and Q as we continue to grow at a steady pace.

See ya in the #gloom…..


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