Intro to Pain Management

  • Workout Date - 12/12/2014
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - SanDiago, Domer Simpson, THE Natureboy, Amelia, Mr. Kotter, Slim, Houdini, 00
  • AO -



YHC’s Crucible VQ needed to meet the standards of the PAX.  I would say that it did.  Graphic is as above.  Fortuitously, I forgot to add in the burpee broad jumps on the initial orientation lap, so those were permanently omitted.  That worked in the PAX’s favor, as the circuit was ridiculous.  In crafting the circuit, YHC thought that the PAX would have had a chance to collect their collective breath on the Straightaway, allowing me to amp it up on the other three sides of the parallelogram.  Two things worked against me. First, I should have checked a topo map. The straightaway “rest” was, in fact, an incline.  Second, after the orientation lap and the race had started, just before the Powerjumps (high knee jumps), YHC and others were Russain-Sickled by Ivan Koloff, er, Natureboy, having arrived at 5:22 a.m.  After the ambush and the time it took for my testicles to re-descend, we proceeded to AMRAP.  Five ended up being it.

Amelia took the VT. Things I learned from the Crucible VQ:

1)Houdini really likes Joe Hendricks.
2)If you want Houdini to like you, you will not Q a Joe Hendricks.
3)Houdini did not see on Twitter that I pre-blasted the Joe Hendricks.
4)More rest would be beneficial.
5)Amelia has a third lung.
6)Natureboy had to have eaten his twin in the womb.
7)Everyone hated at least one part of this workout.
8) Misson Accomplished.

Prayers for those about to have babies. Also prayers for continuing developments in Natureboy’s personal and professional life.

00 out.

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