Indians, Mexicans, and Russians to Spare.

  • Workout Date - 06/15/2015
  • Q In Charge - Tiny Dancer
  • The PAX - Tiny Dancer- War Baby (3x Hate), Swift (3x Hate), Danielle Steele, Eight-Mile, T-Bag, Youkilis, Duplo, Domer Simpson, Hook and Ladder, Seal, Stem Cell, Brown Shorts, Keystone, Boomhauer, Inspector Gadget (Respect), Quaker(Respect), Gluten (Respect) - War Daddy
  • AO -

17 brave PAX awoke this morning to take on a Triple Hate workout in the Marathon Church Parking lot.


The Warm-Up


For the warm-up, we started with 30 SSH, IC. We moved on to 20 Imperial Walkers (IC), and 20 Hillbillies (Also IC). Given that on my VQ, YHC messed up these two, very similar, exercises, YHC decided to redeem myself, making certain that Imperial Walkers were Imperial Walkers, and Hillbillies were Hillbillies.


The Thang


We began by Mosey’ing up to the Picnic shelter (or Pavilion, as YHC kept calling it), for what was bound to be a brutal and politically incorrect workout. As with YHC’s VQ, the PAX did sets of pyramids, or Angles as they have been christened. Each angle consisted of the following:


10x Pull-up Squats

20x Mexican Squats(Squat, then hop)

15x Russian Twists, IC

20x Mexican Squats

10x Pull-up Squats


Rushing through the ‘modify as necessary’ part, we jumped into the workout. As we finished up our first angle, we planked briefly before heading into the first of three Indian Runs. We headed around the Marathon building. Meanwhile, Seal serenaded us with some classic cadences. We went back to the Picnic shelter where we started another Angle. T-Bag had already begun to complain about the Mexican Squats, while the few mumblechatterers were telling Brown Shorts to “Keep your legs straight! Don’t bend your knees!”


By the second Indian Run around the church building and back to the Picnic Shelter, the PAX had already become wary, and began to fear the worst from their Q. It was 6:05 as we hit the pavilion for the fourth time, preparing for our last Angle. It was slow progress as we finished our last set of Pull-up Squats, YHC’s signature favorite. Even after YHC called out, “Mosey back to the circle, we’re done,” all the PAX could do was walk slowly back into the parking lot.


What can I say?  I was trying to exhaust them.


F3 Dads is coming up this Saturday the 20th, for all F3 dads and their children (sons and daughters).


Prayers for Trinity Point Church, and for the Evans, Georgia AO, which is picking up speed slowly and only has a core of 3 PAX.

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