Indians and Cowboys

  • Workout Date - 03/02/2015
  • Q In Charge - Hook & Ladder
  • The PAX - Seal, Slug, Cabin Fever, Gluten, T-bag, Youkilis, Inspector Gadget, Steamer, P Squared, Swift, Reflector, Boomhower, Quaker, Brown Shorts, Heifer (FNG) ,Tiny Dancer (FNG), Keystone, Hook & Ladder, Toolman and his 2.0 (had to exit early we'll name his son next time)
  • AO -

YHC was in utter amazement (because of the treacherous driving conditions) as he topped the foggy hill to find 19 souls eager to find out what sick and twisted workout he had in store.  Ok that was my last stab at those fartsackers from last Thursdays slushy workout.  Upon exiting the Batmobile (you would get that if you had been there to hear Boomhowers cadence call) Brown Shorts advised the FNGs to stretch before we got started because we don’t have time for stretching.  He also knows Hook is usually literally off and running full steam ahead at 0530 hrs. Big groups can be tough on a QIC, so I wanted to return the favor with a beatdown. After a quick disclaimer we were off to the “pile” to gather coupons.  No walking but keep it safe as we slow mosey back to the flags.

Mary ???

Yessir Mary was early today at the Keg and was made even more confusing and difficult as all exercises were performed while sitting on the coupons. Who comes up with his kind of stuff

Freddie Mercury X 15 IC


Flutter X 15 IC

Dolly X 15 IC

Back Scratcher X 7 IC

Time for The Thang 

2 min Double Applesauce that turned into 3 min but who’s counting anyway

Circle up as YHC was complimented on his ability to color coordinate with his new kicks.  I think the guys were trying to get on my good side and I was sidetracked for a split second until Seal said it looked like I was wearing platform shoes.  OK let’s focus

Next exercise is…

The Lunge – OYO  AMRAP in 1 minute

Mtn Climbers IC for 1 minute

Burpees – OYO AMRAP in 1 minute

Gluten was overheard saying next time there is a “date night” he and his M will sit with YHC. Apparently he thinks one might get mad and take it out on the PAX when he sat down beside and then ditched my lovely wife and I Saturday night to be with Youkilis and his mate.  Really I am not mad just a little sensitive but these things do go through my mind when writing workouts.

Fall in, Double Applesauce for approximately 2 minutes give or take back to the blocks. Along the way we were treated to some cadence songs by our very own S.E.A.L.

Back at the blocks enough of the “Indians” (Indian Run) for now.  Enter the Cowboys its time for the gun show. (you see what I did there?)

Squat Press w/ coupon, Merkins using the blocks to get elevated (tricky but effective), Tricep Coupon Press all AMRAP for 1 min

Fall in for (you guessed it) Double Applesauce around the church and back.  We gathered our “buddies” and proceeded to the picnic tables.

1 min AMRAP of:

Step Ups and then Dips w/ coupon (if so desired)

We then left the tables to stash our “buddies” at their respective holding area.  Seal lead the PAX with a little plank-o-rama because there was a little mass confusion with 20 guys trying to get rid of their blocks all at the same time.

Single line slow Mosey down the hill to the back of the church at the volleyball court but since nobody had a ball we would have to come up with a better game.

Tunnel of love which despite it being our first try in the sand at this AO worked out quiet well.  The #mumblechatter was high and everyone got 2 chances to slither through

We then proceeded to the slightly steep hill for a little Quadraphilia then Bear Crawl down Quadraphilia up then Crab Walk down

Fall in and slow Mosey back to the flag the long way around the church up the stairs TWICE w/ cadence courtesy of Boomhower.



Hartsville launched this past weekend with a great turnout

Williamston AO to launch 3/10/2015 at Mineral Springs Park on Center St across from Town Hall

Prayer for:

Gluten’s granddaughter

Brown Short’s daughter Emma

Kathy Moore given 8 mths to live

Slug shared with us that a girl he knew was diagnosed on Thursday, Feb 26th  with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.  11 days prior she had just given birth to her daughter.  Due to her not having insurance, a gofundme acct has been set up to help her out.  There is a possibility that her daughter may never get to know her mom but He can work in amazing ways so at the very least keep her in your prayers.   Anyone wanting to help out financially can find the account below.  Any amount will help and every penny adds up.

Seal urged us all to look into becoming a bone marrow donor to do what we can to help save a life.

YHC talked about Paul and his struggle in 2 Corinthians where he asked Jesus three times to take the trouble away from him that he was experiencing.  Each time Jesus responded “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  We go through storms and seldom understand why He allows us to experience what we do but we need to understand that He has got us.  There is a reason for everything that happens.  We want the pain, sorrow and hurt to stop but He may have a different idea of what healing will take place.  Speaking as someone that is on the backside of a storm I believe He was calling me to come closer to Him.  There was no quick easy fix like “I” wanted but have realized that “I” can’t fix everything on my own and have to have faith in His plan.

Thank you for being good sports for the beginning of my Mud Run training.  I really appreciate all of the #mumblechatter!!

Until next time…







2 thoughts on “Indians and Cowboys”

  1. Great Q Hook. Your COT was exceptional as well. Glad to hear things are better with your ‘storm’. That is a prayer answered.

    BTW, there apparently are TWO Center Streets in Williamston, per Mapquest. One is a short residential street by the Country Club. The RIGHT one is a loop off of Main Street in the middle of town.

    If anyone wants to help launch a new AO as well as name it, show up on March 10.

  2. Thanks for looking that up IG. I didn’t know about the other Center st.

    Great Q H&L. I love the cadence runs. It’s a great way to salute my fellow veterans and active duty soldiers. Plus, it teaches us proper breathing rhythm during runs. I love keeping the #mumblechatter high during a fast paced workout. Keeps spirits high and you forget about the PAIN!

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