Indian Bi-Angles!

  • Workout Date - 05/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Tiny Dancer - VQ
  • The PAX - Tiny Dancer-War Baby, Swift, Cabin Fever, Eight-Mile, Underhand, Gutshot, Chernobyl (Posting from Anderson), Slug, Steamer, Flow-Rider, Seal, Brown Shorts, Shiner, Keystone, Quaker, Gluten-War Daddy
  • AO -

For my V-Q workout, YHC created the Indian Bi-Angles, which will be explained briefly.  We were also graced with the presence of Chernobyl, a PAX from Anderson.


  • Imperial Walkers, 20x IC
  • Arm Rotations, 15x IC
  • Reverse Arm Rotations, 15x IC
  • SSH, 25x IC
  • Hillbillies, 20x IC

The Thang

After the warm-up, we Mosey’d on up to the Pavilion, where the Bi-Angles began.

Each ‘angle’ of the Bi-Angles was composed of the following:

  • 10x Pull-up Squats (a pull-up, then a Squat), OYO
  • 20x Box Jumps, OYO
  • 20x Dips, OYO
  • 15x LBCs, IC
  • 20x Dips, OYO
  • 20x Box Jumps, OYO
  • 10x Pull-up squats, OYO

Each of these Angles was done twice, hence the ‘Bi’ part of Bi-Angles.  During the first of two parts of LBCs, YHC nearly choked on a Seal Bomb, thus impeding YHC’s count, but the count was recovered. It took Gutshot until midway through the second Angle to realize that there was a pattern going.  After the Angles were done, we Mosey’d back down to the parking lot, where we jumped straight into our first Indian Run around the building (hence the ‘Indian’ in Indian Bi-Angles).

When that was over, we came back to the parking lot where we did 20 reps of Smurf Jacks, IC.  YHC had planned 5 Burpies, but a Flyover forced us to do five more than anticipated (oh, how cruel the hands of fate!).

Next, we did a second Indian Run along the Path Less Traveled (we went both ways on the Indian Run also, in keeping with the ‘Bi’).

Mumble-Chatter was running freely from Seal’s direction as we settled in for 15 MOM.  It was quite the cool-down from the Angles and Indian Runs, but Brown Shorts and Seal were exercising their jaws far more than their abs (no hard feelings, of course).


Prayers for:

Gluten’s daughter, who is due with a son.

Trinity Point Church, where several of our PAX attend.

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