Independence Day PT Test – Inaugural Q at Wren

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - Discount Doublecheck (FNG), Danica (FNG), BOGO, Slug, 12th Man, Flow Ryder, Quaker, Padre, Gutshot, Duplo, Youkilis, Newman, Whittle
  • AO -

Last year around July YHC was gunning to be an FBI agent.  After being invited to take the Phase I test and passing the test, I had to do a self evaluated PT test to let them know if I was in the ballpark of attaining their fitness standards.  I came here to the Wren track to do the test.  I made two mistakes…1)  I came at noon on my lunch break (IN JULY), 2) I thought to myself, I do F3 3-4 times a week so I GOT THIS!  Unfortunately I did not look at the scoring system prior to completing the test.  Needless to say, I failed the test because I didn’t think I would have to give it my all to pass.  So after waiting a week, I did the test again on my lunch break (I still didn’t learn to not do it in the heat of the day, I am hardheaded!).  This time, I knew the scoring system and gave it ALL I had…and passed by 1 point.  I am happy to say that one year later I have gained 2 points so I am getting better.

So, when YHC heard that Powderkeg was splitting and a new AO was being formed at Wren High School track, I knew I would have to inflict this torture on my fellow brothers.  Today was the first day for the Wren AO and we had a solid 13 men (2 FNG’s) say no to fartsacking and came to endure what Slug had in store for them.  After explaining the PT test and demonstrating proper form for the exercises,  I gave the warning that if you want to pass you will have to give 110% (I don’t think they took my warning serious).  I warned that their would be penalties for failing any portion of the test and more for failing the whole test.  Lucky for the PAX they escaped my penalties because we ran out of time.  (You ALL owe me burpees!!!)  I will get them in the next time I Q!

The intent of this Q served several purposes:
1. To honor those who serve our country in the Military and law enforcement.
2. To demonstrate to the PAX what it takes to be a member of the military or law enforcement and to have a better appreciation for the fitness standards these men (and women) are held to.
3. To demonstrate proper form, as I notice MANY may do the reps called or may outrep most people but their form is WAY off. NO CHEATING on this PT test!
4. To serve as a benchmark test for the PAX to measure weather you are getting better, worse or maintaining.

So here is what went down on this muggy 75 degree Independence Day morning:

-SSH X 25 IC
-Slow Windmills X 12 IC
-Monkey Humpers X 10 IC
-Imperial Walker X 15 IC

The Thang:
1. Max situps in 1 minute (continuous movement and partner counting only ones with correct form)
2. 300 Meter Sprint
3. Max pushups (continuous movement perfect form – partner only counts good form)
4. 1.5 mile run
5. Max pullups (continuous movement only slight pause at bottom for deadhang, chin over bar)

Exercises 1-4 for standard PT test – Must score at least 1 point in each exercise and a total of 12 points to pass.
For tactical team exercises 1-5 scored – must score at least 1 point in each exercise and a total of 20 points to pass.

Results Posted for PAX to look back on for the next time we do the PT test to see if you are putting in the work to get better!

[Order below is Name, exercise 1 score, exercise 2 score, exercise 3 score, ex. 4 score, ex. 5 score, Standard PT total score, Tactical PT total score
Slug 3 3 5 4 4 15 19
Youkilis 3 1 0 -2 N/A 2 N/A
Gutshot 0 1 3 -2 2 2 4
Discount Doublecheck -2 -2 0 -2 N/A -6 N/A
Newman -2 2 3 6 2 9 11
Flow Ryder 0 3 4 2 3 9 12
12th Man -2 3 4 -2 1 3 4
Danica 0 -2 1 -2 N/A -3 N/A
Duplo 0 0 1 3 N/A 4 N/A
BOGO 0 6 5 4 1 15 16
Padre 0 -2 2 -2 8 -2 6

Quaker & Whittle didn’t keep score, but I still give you respect!!

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did, use this as a measuring tool to see if you are getting better. Don’t forget, you ALL owe me some burpees!!

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