Inaugural F3 Swamp Rabbit Golf Tournament Backblast

  • Workout Date - 10/08/2015
  • Q In Charge - Latka
  • The PAX - Squeal, WahWah, Montross, Iceman, Longbottom, The Hard Hat, Bartman, Affodable Care Act, Bambi, Whisper, Cauliflower, Mustang Sally, Banjo, Slumlord, Banjo Too, Mary, One Direction, Macho Man, Brownie, PETA, Denied, Gift Rapper, FNG Brandon Batson, Mab Mab, FNG Bryan Selepes, Nail Pop, Blue Screen, Twerkin, Grilled Cheese on a Donut, Youkilis, Padre, Mr. Winslow, FNG Richard Jackson, FNG David Holladay, FNG Taylor Cook, Debit, Stewie, Latka, WiFi, Inspector Gadget.
  • AO -

We had a great turnout for the Inaugural Golf Tourney last week.  It’s taken me several days to recover and write this backblast.  40 guys participated in what turned out to be perfect weather for golf – 80 degrees and sunny.

Special thanks to the group of guys who helped organize and/or donated prizes and cash to the cause – Inspector Gadget, The Hard Hat, Updyke, WiFi, Squeal, Bambi, Flay, Iceman, and any others I may have missed.

We were able to donate $2,000 to GCOD and his family for their trip to China to meet Dennis.  He gave a very heartfelt thank you to the pax afterwards and is super stoked about bringing Dennis home soon.

1st Place – Debit, Stewie, Latka – 58.

2nd Place – Mab Mab, FNG Bryan Selepes, Nail Pop, Blue Screen – 61.

3rd Place – Iceman, Longbottom, The Hard Hat, Bartman – 62, won tiebreaker with a birdie on the #1 handicap hole.

-There was some talk about making this a regular event.  Maybe twice a year?

-I feel a little embarrassed about winning the tournament that I organized, but Debit and Stewie played too well to go home without a trophy.

-Thanks to Dale Heflin at Bonnie Brae for hosting us and putting up with our shenanigans.  We’ll be back (if you’ll have us again).

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