In enemy territory

  • Workout Date - 05/01/2017
  • Q In Charge - Slap Chop
  • The PAX - Carl's Jr., Igor (Josh FNG), Pledge, Uber, Floppy, Slum Lord, Hard Hat, Slap Chop
  • AO -

YHC ventured to The Gate for my first Q in this foreign land. I searched in vain for a familiar face like Wilson, Earthmover, 00, Golden, Radar or Bartman, but found only hulking mountain men and rough, unfamiliar terrain. To make matters worse, my nemesis “The” Hard Hat began his relentlessĀ mumblechatter before I was halfway out of the truck. I steeled myself and vowed to persevere despite the daunting challenges.

Warm Up

After issuing a disclaimer for the sake of the FNG, we got down to business.

SSH x 15
Imperial walker x 15
Slow merkins x 10

TheĀ Main Thing

Partner up, grab a block and head out to the softball field.

Round 1: Partner one does sitting block press while Partner 2 does LBCs. Switch as needed until you get to 100 total block presses, and then run (not jog) around the field.
Round 2: Partner one does block squats, P2 does arm circles. 150 total squats, then run.
Round 3: Partner one does merkins, P2 does flutters. 200 total merkins, run.
Round 4: P1 does block jumps, P2 does People’s Chair. 150 total, run.

Circle up in the infield. Each PAX calls out an exercise and then runs around the field while everyone else performs the called exercise. Floppy started off with burpees and cackled maliciously as he ran off. #crowdpleaser

Back to the circle for 3 sprints and 20 big boy situps.


Welcome FNG Josh, named Igor for his work with brains and such. Great first workout!!
Prayers for the upcoming week.

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