In a Fog

  • Workout Date - 11/07/2017
  • Q In Charge - Kindergarten Cop
  • The PAX - Baby Groot, Blue Hawaii, Perry, Wax On, iTunes, Almond Joy, (N)SA, Wilson
  • AO - The Station

Warm up

-20 SSH

-20 IW

Mosey to the light posts at the field and line up on post number 1.

Run to post number 4 for 20 merkins, then run back to post number 1 for 20 more merkins.

Run to post number 3 for 15 merkins, then run back to post number 1 for 15 more merkins.

Run to post number 2 for 10 merkins, then run back to post number 1 for 10 more merkins. Total of 90 merkins.

Rinse and repeat trading merkins for big boys and sprints for alternating broad jump and bear crawl from post to post.  Total of 90 big boys.

Rinse and repeat trading big boys for squats and bear crawl/broad jumps for karaoke.  Total of 90 squats.

This sucked and didn’t take near enough time.  Plenty of mumble chatter.

Mosey down to the picnic shelter for 10 merkins, 10 big boys, and 10 squats OYO.  YHC wanted to hit a triple digits.

Mosey down to the island for 5 strict-as-you-can pull ups and then run up the hill and joe to the top of the steps.

Mosey back up to the picnic shelter for:

10 double count bench press in cadence, 10 box jumps OYO, 10 double count dips in cadence, 10 box jumps OYO.  Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to the circle for mary.  Dealers choice and everyone got a turn with one minute to spare.

We couldn’t actually spare that minutes so we paid the 10 burpees for an earlier train.


-Toys for Tots Convergence at BSWA Thursday the 9th at 5:30.  Bring an unwrapped toy

-Perry’s wife with broken ankle

-Perry’s sister-in-law’s sister who is pregnant and just got a cancer diagnosis

-Grrr’s mom in the hospital and sick wife

-Victims of shooting in Texas

-Wisdom for AJ with work



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