Impromptu Q

  • Workout Date - 01/06/2015
  • Q In Charge - Dollywood
  • The PAX - Caviar, Soup, Dollywood
  • AO -

Due to a scheduling snafu, Lion’s Den was Q-less this morning. YHC put together the following Q on the fly.

1/4 mile mosey to get the blood flowing
SSH x 30
IW x 20

The Thang
Mosey to the swings
Swerkins x 10
Dips x 20
Squats x 30
Repeat 3x

Mosey to the big concrete steps for a modified Jacob’s Ladder
Box jump up the steps with squats at the top
Uneven merkins on curb, 10x each direction (YHC bit off more than he could chew here)

Mosey directly across the field to pullup bars
Pullups x 5
In-and-outs x 10
Flutters x 20 DC

Mosey toward double bridges
Lunge walk across bridge
Continue on to pullup bars

Toes to bar x 10
Planks with leg lifts

Mosey to pipe by dog park, dips x 10 with one leg up, repeat for other leg

Mosey around corner and back up the trail, stop at pullup bars by the old starting point
Toes to bar x 10
V-sits x 10

Mosey home
V-sit x 10 IC
Russian Twist x 20


Props to Soup and Caviar for being the two faithful Lions at the Den, most every time.
Congrats to Caviar for raising a boy who wants a pullup bar. Future F3 brother in the making.

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