Impromptu at Main Thang

  • Workout Date - 10/29/2015
  • Q In Charge - Double Windsor
  • The PAX - Clip-On, Soul Plane, Punchout, Double Windsor
  • AO -

My son Clip-on said he wanted to start going to F3 again.  When I came into the kitchen at 5:00 am he was waiting for me, ready to go.  We headed out into the gloom.  When we got there, the early edition shovel flag was there, but nobody else was.  Usually there are Main Thang guys warming up and standing around talking.  Finally, just before 5:30, Punchout and Soul Plane showed up.  After a minute or two we realized that nobody else was coming, so we decided to wing it.

Punchout suggested a warmup – 5 minutes of 10 burpees a minute.  Start the timer, do 10 burpees, then wait until the timer hits the 1 minute mark, and do 10 more.

Punchout suggested we do the Liberty 500 since we had an even number of guys.  Sounded like a good idea so we moseyed to the Liberty bridge and came up with 5 excercises – Merkins, Squats, Bigboy Situps, Flutters double count, LBC

The Liberty 500 is something that (I think) was dreamed up by Hootie.  Partner Up, size does not matter, first partner runs the bridge and around the orange Gumbi statue, and back, while the second does as many of the exercise as possible during that time.  When the first partner returns, they trade places, keeping track of the number of reps they have done.  Each partner does 100 reps of each of the 5 exercises while running the bridge.  Usually this adds up to about 2 miles of running in addition to 500 reps.

After the Liberty 500 we were out of time, but there was no more energy for anything else anyway.  The Liberty 500 is always a crowdpleaser and it did not fail to please.

Prayer Request for Punchout’s family


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