Impromptu 0.0

  • Workout Date - 12/28/2023
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Scuba Steve, Caliendo, Punch-out, PETA, Double Windsor, Grim Reaper
  • AO -

YHC is going to have to go on the IR for a little bit with no running.  So, a decision to have a Monday session of 0.0 seemed like a great idea.  Thinking it was going to be myself and my thoughts, I was pleasantly surprised to have 6 others with a sick sense of fun join me.

Warm Up
SSH X 25
IW X 20
Dips X 15
Step ups X 5 each leg

The Thang
10 rounds of
10 X Hand Release Merkins
10 X DC Lunges
10 X Big boy Situps
*Plank-o-rama after rounds 3 and 6 to allow everyone to stay on the same page
**Re-mark the attendance sheet to show Punch-out Tardy for showing up at the beginning of round 7
***Extra credit to Punch-out for using his Ruck during rounds 7-10

Walk (Don’t you dare run), over to the Greenville News Wall
3 rounds of
60 Second People’s Chair
10 X Man ups on the wall #crowdpleaser

Walk back to base


YHC decided to show off some yoga moves for everyone
– Chair Pose for 45 Seconds
– Crescent Lunge (hold lunge position) for 45 seconds each side

Freddy krueger
1 Big Boy Situp: 4 Cadence Count Freddy Mercury’s
All the way up to 5 BBSU: 20 FM’s

Hold plank on your elbows for 1 minute
– WARNING:  Punchout has a sick idea that you hold plank for 3 minutes and everytime you drop down/lift hips – you owe yourself 10 Burpees

Finish with Cobra stretch to work the backs out

Naked Moleskin
– Thanks for the company this AM.  This may be a thing for a couple of weeks, dependent on how the injury goes.
– Great to see some old faces too!
– For all silent prayers

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