I'm still sore from Tuesday

  • Workout Date - 10/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Grr, Belfort, fng RICH ROD, fng Mai Tai, iTunes, Wally, cockroach, mr head, padre from rock hill, and Qui Qui
  • AO -

11 pax got out and got better including two fngs! Nate Patterson aka RICH ROD who yHC had the pleasure of Ehing at this past Greer Chamber Friday luncheon! Taylor Henderson YHCS brother who now works applicable hours to attend F3 in Sumter…forever known as Mai Tai! This is how it went down!

Ssh x 25 ic
Merkins x 10 Ic

Let’s mosey…man we miss Alfred! Double Apple sauce Indian run to #thatchurch stop before Main Street for 30 big boy sit-ups! Mosey to the front of UMM for two rounds of joe 20 Merkins at the top rinse and repeat! YHC stopped at the curb for 200x alternating toe touches! Let’s do some more!

Partner up for some block work! Dora on Steroids

100 x man makers
200x squatted block curls
300x block press legs at 45
Pax do ssh until other pax are finished

Pax line up on curb in plank and walk to church canopy ! Shoulders smoked mosey back to #thestation. Stop before cannon center for som lunges. Mosey to pull-up island for you guessed it pull-ups! 30 lbs ic then to finish YHC Explained to the pax that he wanted to do a plank shoulder touch in rhythm Belfort then spoke up and said “thats cute” so YHC wanted to make it in Radars words “neat” FOR Belfort with 50 IC plank shoulder touches! Everyone smoked class is dismissed.

pray for iTunes mother in law fighting cold
Pray for Mai tai as he just started a new position!
Pray for Wally and his Work
Prayers for those not present

Always a pleasure to be with the Pax but this workout was special nothing better than sharing this awesome group with your baby brother! I expect Waco to put some serious work on Mai tai in Sumter!

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