If You Want To Be The Man …

  • Workout Date - 09/13/2014
  • Q In Charge - OBT & Dredd
  • The PAX - Aloha, Flay, Spongebob, The Quaker, Posh Spice, Goggles, Bib, Latka, Sigma, Johnny 5, Slim, Gluten, Ward, Grilled Cheese on a Donut, iTunes, Noodle, Macho Man, Footloose, Nature Boy, Zebco, Sadiq, Alfred, Handy Manny, WeeWee, Brown Shorts, Sushi, Hardee's, Tesh, Uber, Double Windsor, Clowney, Denied, Sparky, FNG - Hot Lips, Clapper, Punkin Spice, Iceman, Padre, Big D, Crooked, Wifi, Double Aught, Scuba Steve, Caviar, Ahhnold, SanDiago, OBT, Dredd
  • AO -

Aye, Dredd and YHC hopped into the #EmotionalPrius and made their way down I-85 past the Giant Peach to Legacy Park to sample the magic that is F3/Swamp Rabbit.

The Thang:

OBT lead:

COP at the Shovel Flag Oval: SSH, Merkins, Low Slow Squats, LBCs.

Run to lake on backside of park for The Dirty MacDeuce:

Set 1: Wide Arm Merkins, Rosalita, Mountain Climbers, run around lake.

Set 2: Carolina Dry Docks, Knee-Ups, Rock Hoppers, run lake

Set 3: Stagger Right/Left Merkins, High Slow Flutters, Monkey Humpers, run lake.

Set 4: Crab Roll, Super Burpees (local option), Squats, run lake.

Plank rotation, including singing of “Greatest American Hero” theme.

Hand off to Dredd.

Dredd lead:

Dredd Thang: A blur, really. I know we started with a #Switzer on handover from @OBT (because we always do), followed by some rapid fire SSH and Merkins (?) perhaps to establish that #MyCountIsPure. After that (because we always do) we did a #PearlsOnAString down to the nasty parking lot that brings me in like a beacon whenever I Q at the #SW, where (because we always do) we did a #Pusherama. Then (because we had to do something to get back) we did another #PearlsOnAString back to the #ShovelFlag for a #Mary (because we always do). Other than all that, I got nothing.


Dredd NakedManMoleskin:

1.The #Prius came in VERY hot to #SwampRabbit, primarily because @OBT insisted on getting off the #BigRoad not once but TWICE, to find the “perfect Starbucks”. Nonetheless, we made it.

2.There seemed to be about 50 PAX gathered in the #Gloom (which #YHC thought was a lot), but @IceMan seemed disappointed. “Thought we’d get 120 at least”. #YeahBut, there aren’t that many men living in the entire county are there? #JustAsking . . .

3.(Because we always do), I rode hard on Clemson Football (catch the Fever!) the entire workout, which wasn’t hard given the way Georgia (well, you know). Seriously, @Dabo is the best #RealEstateDeveloperTurnedFootballCoach in the entire NCAA. You’ve got that covered. And you would think a bunch of #IPTAYs would defend their school. Basically #Crickets. Worst part: one of the PAX was actually a Clemson Football Player (retired). As @EldonCampbell always said: “Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All.”

4.Forgot (with all the excitement) to do the #WoodyDanzler. #Cobains and next time.

5.@OBT (because he always does) took quite a bit of heat for his Obama bumper sticker (circa 2008). In defense, he only voted for the man once. Now he has a HILLARY! bumper sticker on the #Prius (more realistic, I think).

6.Found out that #SwampRabbit has its own #GreekPriest (see Lexicon), in the form of a woman who insisted on backwards walking the #RingOfFire. Reminded #YHC of Graham Gano pushing the Tuba Player out of the way in Tampa.

7.#SwampRabbit’s #Coffeeteria has a posted rule (“No Talking On Your Cellphone When You Are Supposed To Be Talking To Me”). That place is not a Panera. #JustSaying.

OBT’s Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ You’ve read about it on Twitter, now here’s your chance to hear it for yourself: Nature Boy’s introduction of himself during the Name-o-rama. I know we’ve got some exuberant pax across the Nation, but this was above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

_ It should also be noted that Nature Boy’s favored way of introducing himself during a workout is to come up alongside you and deliver a full shoulder check, which is kind of sweet when you think about it.

_ Thanks to all who were able to join for Coffeeteria and to those who brought along or purchased copies of “Freed to Lead” for signing. Please read it and pass it along to another man who needs an EH!

_ Great to hear folks still chattering about the BRR one week later. Slim is lining up some great trail running and relay opportunities across the Upstate. Details to come!

_ It was great to be with the group again for the first time this year. Your growth has been really impressive and the plants in Spartanburg and Greer have been awesome. Sounds like Travelers Rest (!) and Anderson are up next. Keep EHing!

1 thought on “If You Want To Be The Man …”

  1. 1. What does “the perfect Starbucks” look like? #inquiringmindswanttoknow
    2. Klimpsun fans only speak out when they’re winning. The moment adversity hits, they vaporize in an orange and purple haze that smells oddly like Busch Light and mustard while repeating “1981” over and over again to themselves like Dorothy trying to get back to Kansas.
    3. It looks like @Dredd needs to coach up @Aloha on the basic tenets of infantry. Pretty rough when a man almost twice your age has a better recall than you.
    4. Like Ice, I was expecting a bigger number, as we had quite a few of our regulars who must’ve stayed deep in the #fartsack (Spartanburg in particular was a virtual no-show, alas), but YHC was pleased to see a LOT of new faces out there, especially from our brothers at the #PowderKeg. Those boys will be the front line for our expansion to Anderson. Aye.
    5. The audio of @NatureBoy just doesn’t quite do the man justice. You can get a sense of the madness, but one needs to be there live to witness the full show in all its red-faced, bulging neck-veined, spittle flying, strutting glory. The man is a treasure.

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