If you can't get out of the sack…Q

  • Workout Date - 04/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - Turbo Tax, Satisfry
  • The PAX - Updyke, Libor, Bubba Gump, Debit, Soup, 1040, Latka, Shades of Gray
  • AO -

Luckily YHC saw a lot of old faces out there in the gloom this morning. YHC and Co-Q, Satisfry, decided to add some extra #accountability to get out of the sack by taking the opportunity late yesterday afternoon to put our names down on the Q calandar… YHC dusted off the cobwebs from the gear and off to the gloom it was for EE at MT. Satisfry came charging up with the SF, planted it, and we were ready to go (once Latka got a jab or two in).


5 burpees OYO
15 sit-ups (#neededsomeonetoholdmyfeet)
20 IW IC (#didmyvoicecrackat19?)
25 Sqauts (#somewhat IC)

The Thang Part #1

Mosey down towards Spill the Bean-os
Stop at end of bridge

5 burpees OYO
10 derkins OYO
15 dc flutters

Mosey dows the stairs to the sidewalk along the grand Reedy River

Lunge walk 30 secs/sprint 30 secs
Rinse and repeat until at the end of the sidewalk
20 merkins against the wall (#inclinemerkins?)
25 squats (#legsstartedtoburn)

Bear crawl twenty yards/slow mosey twenty yards
Rinse and repeat
Mosey back to the top of the stairs
1 minute people’s chair (Thanks for the correction Latka)

Mosey Back to SF and call relief for Satisfry to take the reigns

The Thang Part #2

Main Street Escalators

1. Intersection – 5 push ups
2. ”               ” – 10 jump squats
3. ”               ” – 15 back scratchers
4. ”               ” – 20 MC x dbl count
5. ”               ” – 25 dead cockroaches Back down to 1st intersection

Mosey behind the Marriot

20 yard backpeddle
20 yard burpee broad jumps

Mosey to SF for Mary:

Dead cockroaches x 20 IC (#isthisalsoknownasthewilliamsbrice?)
Rosalitas x 20 IC  (#qwantedDolliesbutstarteddoingthis)
Stretch Plank 1 min.
There was one more but YHC can’t remember

It really was a great feeling to get back out there. Make sure to grab guys that used to post frequently who have been as lazy as YHC has and get them back out.

Jack-a-lope: May 16. Painstations, running, F3 stuff- and you get a patch. Got a great number at 60 or so already signed up. Let’s get that number up higher

Ace’s Wild: up and running (see what YHC did there). New AO at Augusta Circle Elementary School. 5:15 on Mondays. 4-5 mi runs with painstations every little bit

Prayers for Smith family, Grit, YHC’s baby on the way, 1040’s neices



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