If you can't dodge a wrench, you can't dodge a ball

  • Workout Date - 10/28/2014
  • Q In Charge - Sanchez
  • The PAX - Squeel, Beavis, Rusty, Flay, Poacher, Cataract, Sanchez
  • AO -

7 men resisted the fartsack and rallied in the Tankyard gloom for a joint Murph and Dodgeball Workout. 

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC

The Thang:
-The unsuspecting pax started out on the first 1/2 mile run of the not yet annouced murph workout.  YHC had to remind the men that the warm-up was over and the run was part of the workout.  Like any good pax, they stepped up despite some mumble chatter.
– broke into two groups for an attempted team relay-style murph:
P1 – Run down the hill to picnic shelter and back up to playground (.15mi)
P2 – 10 Pull Ups
P3 – 20 merkins
P4 – 30 Air Squats
Rinse and Repeat x 10
-Relay concept devolved quickly into OYO style 
-After 2 rounds Flay caught up to the math and realized we were into a murph workout #moremumblechatter
-Audible called after 5 rounds (6 for Flay) and the Pax regrouped for one last round –  team relay race #photofinish

Mosey to the tennis courts to find 8 randomly selected balls from YHC’s garage collection for  #dodgeballolympics
-2 Teams divided evenly in spirit faced off on a half court.  Fight til you’re hit then drop for exercise and plank until the winner emerges (or YHC calls time) #whoturnedoutthelights #dodginginthedark
-Round 1 – 10 Burpees, plank and hold
-Round 2 – 20 merkins
-Round 3 – 30 smurf jacks

-LBC x 25
-Flutter x 25
-Back Scratchers x 25
-Fluttering Cockroach x 15 #wantedtostopat10.  On your 6s, arms extended behind head, hold legs 6inches.  Raise one arm and opposite leg until they touch like “dead cockroach” #whatsa4count

Naked Moleskin:
-Both Flay and Squeel have friends (different) whose dads were just diagnosed with cancer.  Prayers for the dads health and the friends as they come to grips with the reality of a father’s mortality.  
-Need headcounts for F3 Party at Acadia this saturday.  Flay is cooking the BBQ and needs to know how many beers he’ll need to get him through the low and slow Friday night
-Anderson Launch is still going so keep thinking of guys you know who need to be involved

As always, thanks for the honor to lead.

2 thoughts on “If you can't dodge a wrench, you can't dodge a ball”

    1. All I know is that there seemed to be a serious lack of balls (dodge, of course) on my side. Flay and Cataract went down early each round but perhaps YHC managed to quietly retreat beyond the back court line and safely out of Team B’s reach. Maybe it’s simple math that Team B was up 4 ballers to 3. Had to call time with 1-3 people still standing as we would have been stuck in round 1 until sunrise!

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