If a Sushi Doesn't Fall Asleep at Pitchfork, Will Anyone Not Hear Him?

  • Workout Date - 01/01/2016
  • Q In Charge - Bambi, ATM, Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Bambi, ATM, Affordable Care Act (YHC), Blue Hawaii, Erector, Whisper, Squints, Sushi, Sammy, Soccer Mom, Rusty Nail, Obama, Cocoon, Lite Brite, Murdock, Thumper, Short Barrel, Padre, Hooch, Whoopee, Look Out Below, Double Aught, Perry Mason, Medula Oblongata, Hulk Smash, Church Lady, Wooow, iTunes, Punch Out, Holla, Phil Dunfy, Retread, Puma, Pretzel, Footloose, Easy Bake, Mr. Kotter, Sadiq
  • AO -

39 PAX rode the emotional wave of either sheer joy from their team making it to the National Championship (sorry, Natty, as the kids say, well just one kid), or sheer envy because their arch rival is miles ahead of you just 24 months after beating them 5 years in a row… I’m not bitter.

Others, who will remain nameless (ahem… @Tedediah), avoided the sack like…


The Pitchfork boys decided to multiply the weirdness by three and kick #Pitchfork into another gear.  @Bambi and @ATM (among others) have built quite an AO here at Oakview Elementary School.  The Pitchfork community made the jump from first F to second F in mere weeks and haven’t looked back.  I was honored to join them in a 3 Q extravaganza.  Here’s what went down (and stayed down… great job, men).

Conditions:  Finally feels like football season, just in time for signing day.  I guess this guy will be at it again soon…… Mid 40s.

Bambi Warmup

SSH X 26 (IC)
Merkins X 15 (IC)
Hillbillies X 25 (IC)

ATM Leg Beatdown

Classic ATM Smurf Jacks X 20 (IC)
Copperhead Squats X 20 (IC)

Monkey Humpers – 5 reps, hold down for 5 seconds, 4 reps/4 sec down to 1 rep/1 sec. In cadence so 4 count humpers.

Run a lap.

Gorilla humpers (same reps) run a lap
Stationary lunges (left leg out – same reps) run a lap
Stationary lunges (right leg out – same reps) run a lap

Bambi’s Twisted Tommy John Arm Workout 

11s with Burpees starting with 1, bear crawl to other side, Hand Release Merkins starting with 10, crab crawl back. Burpees count up to 10, Hand Release Merkins count down from 10.

Affordable Care Act’s Ab Blaster

PAX in groups of 3.  Have 2 on one sideline, one on the other.  An ab exercise on each side while the third guy runs a 17.  Once he’s done, the guy on the side he finishes on starts his 17.  He’ll finish on the other side, so when he’s done, the third guy will start running.  Every PAX will run twice.

  1. Chillcut plank / Big Boy Situps
  2. Flutters / Snow Angels (only 1 17 each)


  • Greg Gibbons
  • @OfficerPoncharello’s 2.0
  • All Dads
  • Walker Strong
  • @Bambi calls for more convergences

Ye Ol’ Moleskin

  • Kudos to @Sushi, who was able to interrupt his New Year’s Eve plans just in time to join us.
  • We will never ever confuse @Footloose or @Sushi with @Whisper.  The Mumblechatter award for 2016 is already a two man race.  The loser in this race?  Anyone who needs sleep in Spaulding Farms.
  • It’s taken three days for me to recover and write this backblast.  My Cobains.
  • @ChurchLady‘s goal for 2016 must not be timeliness, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen 5am on New Year’s Day.  Thanks for the new experience.
  • I feel the need to stress form and effort this year.  Let’s put our foot on the gas and make the most of our time out in the gloom.  Any workout can be a snotwaggler if you push yourself.  The fellowship is great and keeps you coming back, but to see results, you need to apply form and effort.
  • Also, as @Dredd alluded to a few weeks back, results are also tied to our diets more than we care to realize.  Be mindful of what you put in that temple, men.

Always a pleasure,


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