I'd Like to Keep my Hands Dry Today

  • Workout Date - 01/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - San Diago, Beavis (WD), Malpractice, Shaft, Satisfry, Montross, Rocky Top, Zoila (YHC)
  • AO -

On the first Saturday of 2015, the shovel flag (along with the GHOST FLAG) was planted and 8 pax started their weekend right.

The Conditions: Drizzly and wet, humid.  46 degrees Fahrenheit, 75% humidity.

The Thang: Discussion on keeping our hands dry (mainly from me).  Basically, I don’t like it when my gloves get wet and it’s cold outside, because then they stay wet, and cold.  And then they smell bad later.

Warm-up: SSH x25, IW x21, Hillbilly x15, High Knee Jumps x20

Mosey down 1D’s hill, take a right towards the pond.  Starting where the long stairway meets the pond, partner up (size/shape/speed don’t matter).

Partner A lungewalks, Partner B does 10 squats then runs to catch up and the switch.  One lap around the pond.

Hillbilly x10

Smurfjacks x30

Mosey to the bottom of 1D’s hill.

Dora 1-2-3

Lunges x100

Squats x200

Windshield Wiper x300

Keep your partners.

Partner A runs backwards up the hill and then forwards back down, Partner B does LBC’s, flapjack.

Repeato but w/ Russian Twists.

Re-shuffle your partners.  Size now matters.

Run with your partner up the hill, stopping at each stoplight for 10 partner derkins each.  Total of 40.

Last man run to the roundabout, take a left, then left into the parking lot.

Into the picnic shelter made out of the finest European limestone.

Ciabatta!  Dips for 4 minutes (8 rounds)

30 step-ups (single count).

Mosey back to the SF’s


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Being that it is now 2 days later, I’m shocked that I remember that workout with such vivid detail.  I think it’s the shame I feel because San Diago doubled down, in spite of our bajillion squats and lunges.

#DawnPatrol is a super fun workout.  The AO is really cool, lots of ground to cover, the pax are usually diverse (from various “home AO’s”), and you’re done in time to climb back in bed before the kids get up (or swing by Dunkin Donuts on the way home…)

Good F3 momentum to start the year, let’s keep it up.

Announcements: The Valley is starting back up again this Wednesday (1145 at Coffee Underground).

Drifter 6k, 10,000 merkins, various other 1stF things happening, check the email

Short Lucy option on Sundays (<4 miles), basically just run with the group for the first few miles and then turn right on Main Street (from Earle) back to the start.  Basically 30 minutes of 2ndF while you run.

1040’s M had their first 2.0, Emma (from 1040: “6 lbs 11 oz, brown hair, quick witted, athletic”).  Lots of others have 2.0’s on the way in the coming months, be in prayer for them.

Keep the EH on!  There are over a million people in Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson area and only like 100 of them come to F3 on a regular basis.  Lets assume half are men and that of those men a third are physically able, that means that roughly 0.0006% of are coming to F3 and that there are still 165,000+ sad clowns in our vicinity.  Work to be done boys, work to be done.

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