Icing on the Cake

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  • Workout Date - 11/15/0005
  • Q In Charge - Slug
  • The PAX - Cabin Fever, Seal, Shiner, Keystone, Swift (WB), Boomhower, Flo Ryder, Gluten (WD), Brown Shorts, Slug
  • AO -

YHC rolled into the Powder Keg this morning at 5:15 to scope out a spot for one of our exercises.  Usually, several people are onsite before the workout to “light the fuse” but today, it was just me.  Once I found what I was looking for I rolled back to the parking lot.  By this time it was 5:25 and still no one was there.  I thought to myself, is this Wednesday?  Where the crap is everyone?  Finally at 5:27 the cars started rolling in.  A total of 10 men for the PAX this morning on a nice 52 degree morning with clear skies, perfect for spotting those beloved flyovers!  Here is what went down:


-SSH x 30 IC

-Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

-Merkins x 10 IC slow count

The Thang:

Mosey to shed to collect coupons

-21 Guns w/ 5 sec. Hold for a 5 count between positions
-Bent over lat pulls x 15 IC
-Upright rows x 10 IC (this one caused a lot of mumble chatter, note to self, block is to flipping hard to hold for this exercise!)
-Triceps extensions x 15 IC

Rinse and Repeat (substituted upright rows for squats x 15 IC

Mosey to upper parking lot

-Begin with 20 squats at end of parking isle
-Lunge walk to center parking lot
-10 burpees
-Lunge walk back to start

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to picnic shelter – Since today is my 2.1’s birthday, I wanted to put the icing on the cake and finish off the legs with a real smoker!

-Bring Sally up with squats (Lots of pain here after all the lunges!)

That was fun, now lets do it again!

-Bring Sally up with calf raises

During both of the Sally exercises we experienced a flyover.  So 20 burpee penalty.

Now time to stretch the legs with an Indian run around the building, once around the building Jail Break back to the SF.


-Isolations crunches x 15 IC each side


-5-16 is the Jackalope.  still time to sign up
-5-1 Swamp Rabbit Friday night 5K, $6 to sign up (with tee shirt).  Seal is doing it.
-May Wren Flud Run.  Seal, Cabin Fever, Brown Shorts & Slug plan to run it.  Anyone else want to join get a team together.
-1st Saturday workout at Walmart went well.  Plan to do this once a month on a rotating Saturday basis.  Next month will be on the 2nd Saturday, June will be the 1st Saturday, etc…  All other Saturdays still at Marathon.
-Need a Q next Thursday at Powder Keg. If you have never Q’d before step up!!
-Keep Brown Short’s family in your prayers with his Uncle passing away. Several family members having a hard time.

Always a pleasure to start my morning out with an outstanding group of men.

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