Ice on Main

  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Pedialite, Malpractice, Stuey, Screech, Houdini, Épée, Urkel, Snowden, Spongebob, Aloha, Saddle sore Iceman, FNG Chance - Gym Rat, Latka, Hardhat, Inspector Gadget
  • AO -

16 Men planted the shovel flag at the Peace Center. Unfortunately, not one thought to bring a knife to cut the ultra thick morning gloom. Here’s what went down…..

Warm up
SSH x20
IW x20
Burpee box jumps x10 oyo

Mosey to the Poinsett parking garage stairwell for:
The Elavator
PAX started the exercise when they got to the proper level, however the official exercise count did not start until all PAX were on the same level. #keepingustogether
Ground floor – Jump squats x10, mosey up 2 flights of steps
Level 2 – Chaser LBC’s x10, mosey down 1 flight
Level 1 – Jump squats x15, mosey up 2 flights of steps
Level 3 – Chaser LBC’s x15, mosey down 1 flight
Level 2 – jump squats x20, mosey up 2 flights
Level 4 – Chaser LBC’s x20, mosey down 1 flight
Level 3 – jump squats x25, mosey up 2 flights
Level 5 – Chaser LBC’s x25

Now at the top of the garage, mosey over to the parking spaces for:
Circuit O Suck (5 mins)
Sideways suicides x10
Merkins x10
X & O’s x10
Repeato #sneakyhard

Partner up and mosey back down the garage steps to the courtyard of the Marriott #fakegrass
Using the steps up to Main St
ice on main
P1 – Joe Hendricks #2 (backwards bear crawl up steps)
P2 – Russian twists
Flapjack, repeato x4 #allstepsarentcreatedequal

Move to the #fakegrass for
Slowcount dolly x10
Rosalita x10
Reverse crunches x10

Mosey back to the Peace Center #FalseEnding
Jack Webb (diamond mericans) ladder to 5 and back down


Naked Moleskin
– Welcome to FNG Chance (Gym Rat). Said he didn’t like working out, hence his name. Also worth noting that the dude #spilledmerlot but kept going. Strong work brother
– Thanks for bearing with me as I tried a twist on the traditional escalator workout #elavator
– Malpractice showed up a bit late and had to #sadclownit until we got back to the PC

Announcements / Prayer Requests
– Erector’s surgery went well. Doctor is very optimistic on recovery. #prayerworks
– Make sure to check out our newest 2 workouts – #LionsDen and #Crucible. Both are at Cleveland Park.
– GORUCK Challenge begins this Friday (midnight). If you have time on Saturday, come to Falls Park around lunchtime. Always a pickmeup to see friendly faces along with encouraging words. You can also join us for lunch – details forthcoming. #goodlivin’

See ya in the gloom….


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