I Wish I Was a Train…

  • Workout Date - 12/20/2014
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Alfred (Kotters!), Spring Break, Cockroach, Snowden, Itunes, Oui Oui, Epee, Wall E, Blue Hawaii, Stitch (WB) Earthmover (WD)
  • AO -

11 hardy PAX braved the elements and posted at #thestation on a soggy Saturday. They are all better for it!

Way back in the early days of the F3Greer launch back in the summer YHC was participating in one of the first workouts and noticed the propensity for trains to rumble by near the Greer AO. For some bizarro reason I suggested that 10 burpees be performed every time a train goes by. Based on recent feedback from the Greer PAX this is a pretty regular occurrence and my name is somehow linked to this tradition. Fast forward to today and YHC was graciously invited to return to #thestation and Q the Saturday workout. Hopefully no trains. I was wrong.

The train references brought up fond memories of a Charlotte/Chapel Hill band from my college days called The Popes. One of their songs was “I wish I was a Train”. Great tune. Take a listen here:


The Thang

Warmup with:
-Good Mornings x 5 IC
– SSH x 25 IC
– IW x 20 IC
– LBAC x 10 IC forward and backward

Mosey down and around the pond up the stairs out the AO to a building wall. (Mumblechatter about running with EM).
-Peoples chair with 30 count
-Derkins x 10 OYO

Head over to the field. Memories of HS football practice dominate mumblechatter. 5 burpees just because

there are 6 lightposts.
Round 1
at post #2 10 squats
at post #4 20 lateral ankle hops
at post #6 30 mountain climbers
head back to start
Round 2
same thing but 20/40/60
Round 3 same thing but 30/60/90

Next up (continuing with EM’s least favorite things this week)
bear crawl from pole 1 to 2, 10 diamond merkins and backwards run back
rinse repeat
Karaoke to pole 3 and back. “what does this do?” was heard…ask your hips later today

Sneak past the do not enter crime scene tape to the swings. Partner up for 10 swerkins while partner does 20 dips. Flapjack/rinse & repeat. #shoulderssmoked

Wander over to the fountain and enjoy the Christmas Carols. I ask Snowden for an exercise…he comes up with the “Thurston Howell”. No one knew what this was so he demonstrated. 2 thrusters with a merkin thrown in for good measure. Uh oh.. Couldn’t you have said LBC or something??

Line up around the fountain. First PAX runs around the fountain while everyone else does #thurstonhowells. Once he makes it around then #2 goes, etc. This was insane and was a killer. The beast that is Epee even tapped out on this one! Still no train though…

Make our way to the amphitheater for 11s with air presses and burpees. 1 air press at bottom and 10 burpees at top, etc. As soon as we get to top for 10 burpees we “hear that train a comin’…” Tack on 10 #trainburpees. Get to the bottom for 2 airpresses and we “hear another train a comin’..” Add on on 10 more #trainburpees. By the end this totaled 75 burpees #ouch

Head back to home base

Freddy Mercs
Plank Jacks
Plank Jacks (did this again due to Snowden mumblechatter!)
Finish up with 5 more burpees

Christmas Eve 5k at Tommy’s Ham House
Praise/Prayers from Blue Hawaii for continued recovery for his Mom and having F3 in his life
TClaps to Alfred for getting back out from IR.

It was great to be back at #thestation and thanks for the invite. What a great AO!!

Merry Christmas!


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