I Was Told This Would Suck

  • Workout Date - 03/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Cockroach
  • The PAX - Play Doh, Alfred, Grrr, Blue Hawaii, Johnny 5, Erector, Josh-FNG (Red Bull), Alejandro (WB), Oui Oui, Wilson (WD)
  • AO -


43° F Damp with a breeze.

The Thang:

A Hank record 11 PAX (including YHC) gathered this morning to run some hills.  YHC knew there were some hilly streets in the area and warnings were made concerning the possibility that running these hills would provide considerable distress.  Comments included “oh no, this is gonna suck” and “don’t you know thats where everybody in Greer goes to sled”?

The PAX posted in the old D&D Ford parking lot and at 0530 we were off up Mt. Vernon Rd.  Hmm, the road has “Mt.” in the name….perhaps thats a sign?

The PAX pushed through some serious hills including: Mt. Vernon Rd., Peachtree Dr., Mt. Vernon Cir., Bellamy Close, Grove Point, Hillside Dr., and Chestnut Ave.

According to some, this was the toughest Hank hill run to date.


Stretches were performed and the PAX went into some impromptu Mary including LBCs and Flutters.


Battle Frog.

HOG Day.  May 2nd in the AM.  An opportunity to make a difference in the community.

April 11th Mud Run.

May 16th Jackelope.

Don’t let F3 be an idol.  Make sure you look to improve at home.

2nd F, 3rd F Lunch at Wild Ace next Thursday at 11:30.

I appreciate this group of men and I really enjoyed running with you this morning.



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